LEDUpgrade V5.0

Release notes

Release Notes

[Version 5.0]

1. Support seamless upgrades of transmitters, video processors, and fiber optic transceivers;

2. Added support for new controller A40, VX6, S10 Pro-H, X100 Pro-2U, and YX4K;

3. Added support for fiber CH5 and CH6;

4. Add support for new receiver cards HC2 and K5+M;

5. Added support for 3D-Box;

6. Sending card information detection supports flash and FPGA chip type recognition;

7. Support displaying relative network port serial numbers;

8. Optimize the viewing package interface;

9. Support third-party licensing agreements;

10. Fixed some bugs.

LEDUpgrade V4.0

Release notes

Release Notes

[LEDUpgrade V4.0_28531]

1.Support for new controller S4(PCB5.0)/S6F(PCB7.1).

2.Z8 controller add support for 5G Fiberx4/10G Fiberx2/DPx2 daughter boards.

3.Z6 and X16Pro controller add support for 2IN1/3IN1 daughter boards.

4.Support for new Receiver Cards R1/LYD8000/LYD8000half/HC8/K5H/RI21/K8S/E120.

5.Support for new Play Box A60.

6.Support for new multi-function card(PCB2.0).

7.Supports upgrading by switching IP to select the controller.

8.Fixed some bugs.

LEDUpgrade V3.6

Release notes

Release Notes

[LEDUpgrade V3.6]

1.Support for new controller S7、S10PRO、S20、S20F、X20、Z4(II)、X100.

2.Z6PRO and X16 controller add support for 2IN1/3IN1/DVIx2 daughter boards.

3.Support for new Receiver Cards K9+、Q20.

4.Support for new Play Box A100/A200.

5.Support for new fiber optic transceiver H10FN(2.0)/OP4/H5/UH5.

6.Fixed some bugs.

LEDUpgrade V3.2

Release notes

Release Notes

[LEDUpgrade V3.2]

1.Support for new controller X12、X16Pro.

2.Support for new Receiver Cards E320/75B V8.0/75E V8.0.

3.Support for new Play Box A35.

4.Modified the display mode of sender daughter board information.

5.The preset program of the receiver card is modified to fw format, and the program

description is supported.

6.Fixed some bugs.

LEDUpgrade V3.0

Release notes

Release Notes

[LEDUpgrade V3.0]

1.Added upgrade function of smart module, multi-function card and optical transceiver.

2.Added support for receiving cards i7+/i9+/K5+/K9+/E320/E320P/E80/75E Pro.

3.The receiving card supports the fw file format upgrade.

4.Added support for eV4/Z6 PRO/Z4R/4k pro/4k lite/X3/X5/X6/X7X2s/X4s.

5.Increase fiber optic transceiver H10FN support.

6.Send card custom product model support.

7.Support M3/K5+ ARM upgrade.

8.Determine the encryption information when the card is upgraded.

9.Z6 PRO can choose to upgrade the program, preset Z6 PRO font.

10.Fixed some bugs.