Creative display solution
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     As LED lighting becomes more widespread in everday life, there has been an increased demand for highly creative and aesthetically pleasing screens, underlining the importance of creative display. Deeply rooted in the industry for years, Colorlight has introduced innovation into the area of creative display in terms of cultural creativity and technological innovation. LED creative display, along with sound and lighting, is sure to bring the most life-like experiences to viewers.

     By delving into market demand and continually innovating application modes, Colorlight has overcome various technical difficulties in the field of creative display such as irregular module configuration, irregular cabinet installation, irregular screen calibration, 3D mapping technology and so on. Relying on years of independent research and technological accumulation, Colorlight is dedicated to offering customers one-stop solutions with a full range of software and hardware packages.



Creative display with infinite possibilities

     3D mapping technology fully utilizes high-performance hardware to slice, deform, rotate and modify video content in many ways, adapting it to spherical, fan-shaped, extra-long and other creative LED screens without the need for custom materials.

Receiver cards highly suitable for irregular modules and cabinets

      The receiver card completely meets the display requirements of irregular modules and cabinets, ensuring the display on LED screens of all shapes, e.g. triangle, trapezoid, circle and sector. It reduces the number of receiver cards required and the difficulty of screen structural design and installation. 

Sub-controller, a specialized tool for facade lighting

     By adding sub-controller in between LED processor and specially designed receiver, the 3-tier controlling system structure resolves the problem of transmission instability caused by the long distance between receivers, and also saves the cost of equipment.

Calibrate the irregular screens for accurate colors

      Support the calibration of irregular-shaped screens such as L-Shaped, immersive, curved, and spherical screens. Improve the image quality and eliminate the color difference resulting from varied viewing angles.

Cabinet beacon and numbering for easy and precise display

        Beacon and numbering features allow you to quickly locate cabinets and number them in the order of Ethernet cables, making the cabinet installation and testing of irregular screens much easier.

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