“The committee was impressed with the color calibration and intuitive videowall patching. 

This product enables more individuals the ability to set up high end video walls.”-December 2023, LDI

Redefine User Experience

ColorAdept software is designed to be accessible even for beginners, with an intuitive graphic 

interface and clear controls for quick and easy setup of the LED panel wall. It is compatible with

Windows and macOS, and allows you to remotely control the system via a Gigabit Ethernet network.

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI design, which fully follows the interaction principle of Signifiers in design psychology, 

can be understood and employed effortlessly. Meanwhile, it gives users a feeling of familiarity 

which allows users to teach themselves with ease.

Clear Workflow

Its elegant simplicity clearly shows the signal flow through the processor. Additionally, the modern 

user interface is fast to learn, easy to use for new users and powerful for professionals.

Processor Group Control

Processors can be divided into different groups, so you can set parameters synchronously within

one group, including input settings, screen brightness, test patterns, freeze, blackout, preset triggering, etc.

Operating large LED setups with multiple processors has never been quicker and simpler.

Association for Quick Cabinet Layout

Layering Makes Overlapping 

Cabinet Management Easier

Layers are an easy way of managing overlapping cabinets. Layers are particularly useful when two 

groups of cabinets are superimposed on the canvas, so that the content can be easily duplicated 

on two sets of cabinets, such as when using two screens showing the same content on either 

side of the stage.

Cabinet Library Management

Cabinet library unifies cabinet parameter management. At the same time, it is more convenient 

to update cabinet parameters with the function of downloading the latest cabinet parameters 

from the cloud.

Worry-free Offline Operation

ColorAdept software can even be used without a processor, so you can create your project 

ahead of time, including processor configurations, selecting cabinet types, and mapping your 

layout. Once a processor is online, import the project configured and you are all done.

Device Information On-Demand Visibility

The "Online" view provides comprehensive information about the current processor 

and all cabinets connected with the processor output ports.

Real-time Monitor System Health

The "Health" view supports monitoring of inputs, temperature, humidity, network cable error, 

voltage, power supply, and fan. When abnormal situation occurs, email alerts will be sent 

to achieve 24-hour unattended operation.