ST2110 & IPMX Solution

Live Production of Professional Media Over Managed IP Networks

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With the development of 4K and above Ultra HD technology, major TV stations and production agencies have gradually transitioned to the IP system, adopting the ST2110 standard protocol for their studios and broadcasting needs. Colorlight has introduced a live production solution over managed IP networks based on the ST2110 standard protocol, seamlessly aligned with the demands of the radio and television industry for IP and ultra-high-definition content. The transmission of ST2110 is harmoniously integrated with 5G+8K technology, realizing IP-based AV transmission and processing. The accomplishment ensures that the most lifelike visual experience can be achieved through radio and television studios, as well as large stage displays. It comprehensively enhances the clarity and realism of video images while maintaining the stability and fluency of video playback. This greatly assists the broadcasting industry in realizing the transition to digitization and networking.



Realistic Image Quality Based on ST2110 Standard

Colorlight introduces the ST2110 sub-board and ST2110 media server for LED masters, both perfectly aligned with the requirements of IP format and ultra-high-definition in the broadcast and television industry.

The Next-Level 5G+8K


Colorlight's ultra-high-definition display control system, 5G+8K, supports high-resolution and high color depth video playback, making colors appear more realistic and enhancing overall picture quality and user experience. Whether in broadcast and television studios or on large stage screens, all video effects can be transmitted with utmost accuracy and clarity.

Ultra Load Capacity

Equipped with 5G network port transmission technology, our system boasts nearly five times the carrying capacity of traditional single network ports, ensuring more efficient and stable transmission. This solution resolves the display challenges faced by the broadcast TV industry when dealing with ultra-high-definition content, all while guaranteeing that the video remains uncompressed.

Ultra-Low Latency

With a minimal 0-frame delay and real-time display synchronization, we can reduce the entire control system's delay to no more than 1 frame (16.67ms), effectively addressing live broadcast latency issues.

High Dynamic Frame Rate

Support a maximum frame rate of 240Hz, ensuring smooth presenting of high-speed motion videos, effectively reducing smear and scanning lines.

Frame Multiplexing

Frame multiplexing supports multiple cameras to capture different content on the same LED screen simultaneously. Film-makers obtain multiple works in a single video shoot, greatly improving the efficiency of filming and virtual production. 

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