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    In line with the developing trends of the Mini/Micro LED, COB packaging technology, with the advantages of solid protection, high density, high contrast, fewer broken LEDs, and long lifespan, highly improved the reliability of fine pitch screens. After 10 years of industry research and technology development, the increasingly mature COB packaging has been employed more and more extensively. Accordingly, the leading LED display manufacturers have focused on developing and applying COB technology. However, the packaging process and accuracy of materials, such as LED chip and driver IC, give rise to the problem of brightness and color differences within and between modules, as well as the non-linear response of high and low brightness, seriously affecting the perfect display of COB screen. Colorlight, with more than 10 years of R&D investment in calibration technology, has accumulated rich industry experience and developed a scientific grade calibration solution, unlocking the full potential of LED display and achieving a perfect display effect.



Scientific Grade Calibration Camera

    CCM6000, the self-developed scientific grade calibration camera, uses the CIE1931-XYZ filter to accurately simulate the human eyes' perception of brightness and color. Equipped with a 16-bit high-precision sensor and constant temperature refrigeration system, the camera can accurately and steadily capture each LED's brightness and chromaticity. Meanwhile, with software algorithm optimization for COB screens, it can effectively eliminate the non-uniformity within modules and color blocks between modules.

Low Brightness Calibration

    A minimum of 0.01nit ultra-low brightness can be captured with precision and stability, realizing low brightness calibration and eliminating color blocks and color spots at low grayscale.

Multi-grayscale Calibration

    Due to the poor display linearity of some COB screens and inconsistent linear response between LEDs or modules, single-level calibration cannot simultaneously enhance the display under high brightness and low grayscale. Colorlight multi-grayscale calibration technology supports calibrating multiple gray levels, which can eliminate color blocks and spots under high brightness and low grayscale, ensuring the uniformity of each gray level.

High Efficiency

    CCM6000 has an ultra-high resolution of 60 million pixels. 3840x2160 LEDs can be captured without moving the camera. Moreover, it uses USB 3.0 as the data transfer port with a transmission speed of up to 2.5Gbps. Therefore, the CCM6000 significantly improves the calibration efficiency of COB screens.

Infi-bit Technology

    The Colorlight Infi-bit technology greatly expands the display grayscale and improves the contrast ratio, resulting in a smoother image with rich details. As a result, the calibration accuracy and effects, especially the low grayscale calibration, are all remarkably enhanced. Moreover, the improved grayscale also makes it possible to develop and apply the technology of grayscale refinement.

Grayscale Refinement Technology

    With the high-precision colorimeter and software algorithms, each grayscale is accurately measured and calibrated, effectively solving the problems of grayscale color cast, inconsistent linear response, Gamma inaccuracy, color temperature deviation, etc.

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