The latest scientific grade calibration system provides a high-precision and high-efficiency solution for COB/Mini/Micro LED display. It is widely used for on-site/factory full-screen calibration, cabinet/module calibration, and product line auto-calibration.

System Diagram.

Great Visual Experience.

CCM6000 has an ultra-high resolution of 60 million pixels.

High Efficiency.

High Precision.

CCM6000, equipped with a 16-bit high precision sensor and built-in constant temperature refrigeration system, makes the image data capturing more accurate and stable.

XYZ Filter.

CCM6000 uses the CIE1931-XYZ filter to fit the biological characteristics of human vision, thus capturing measurement values as close as possible to what the human eyes perceive.

Low Brightness Calibration.

A minimum of 0.01nit ultra-low brightness can be captured with precision and stability, realizing low brightness calibration and eliminating color spots at low grayscale.

Multi-grayscale Calibration.

The new system supports calibration at every grayscale level, significantly improving display uniformity and image quality.

Seam Correction.

Correction of bright and dark lines between cabinets or modules, can be realized automatically to ensure a smooth and clear display.

Free Splicing of Modules/Cabinets.

After calibration, cabinets and modules can be interchanged, and spliced at will without causing brightness and color differences.

Anti-ambient Light Calibration.

The system supports calibration in darkrooms and limited ambient light conditions.

It automatically identifies and eliminates the ambient lights, setting your calibration free from the surroundings.

Flexible for Various Scenarios.

It supports a capture distance of 0.5-15m, making it possible for the module, cabinet, and full-screen calibration.

Odd-shape LED Display Calibration.

Odd-shape LED displays, such as the folded, immersive, curved, and spherical ones, can all be calibrated.

Thermal Effects Removal Algorithm.

The cooling screen calibration algorithm can be applied to eliminate, the non-uniformity issue caused by the heat generation of the screen.

Eliminate Color Blocks on COB Screens.

Eliminate Color Difference on GOB Screens.

Solve Non-uniformity Issues on SMD Screens.

Solve Chromatism Issues Caused by Different Viewing Angles.

Such as immersive screens and XR screens.

Thermal Effects Removal.

Canon Cameras.

Besides CCM6000, the calibration system also supports Canon cameras.