PlayerMaster V1.9

Release notes

Release Notes

[Version 1.9]

1. Added a LAN security mechanism for LAN encryption and stronger hotspot password (disabled by default in countries and regions excluding mainland China).

2. Added options for resetting LAN encryption password through "recovery email address", "security questions", and "forgot your password?".

3. Added the quick LAN encryption/decryption feature.

4. Added the LAN encryption password cache feature.

5. Streamlined program publishing.

6. Added a hypertext transfer protocol for program and schedule.

7. Added the player log export feature.

8. Added management and control of M2 monitoring card.

9. Added the video program split feature.

10. Added more models that are compatible with A40 and GT500.

11. Added the screen resolution settings of the player in cloud mode.

12. Added the NTP server configuration feature in the time module, capable of configuring the player time and the time server of synchronized program.

13. Added the player FPGA version testing feature.

14. Added command schedules for the player's onboard relay and M2 relay.

15. Added the webpage cropping and scaling feature (enable by deselecting the No Scaling checkbox).

16. Fixed program publishing failure due to the special characters in LAN encryption password.

17. Support for cropping and scaling of A177 series.

18. Improved transcoding mechanism. After enabling transcoding, programs will experience force transcoding.

19. Improved auto brightness configuration (configure data source of brightness in the auto brightness interface).

20. Fixed the inconsistency between some windows (that are aligned left/right/center/top/bottom) and the player.

21. Fixed the issue: Some videos after transcoding can be played normally in file window but cannot be played in synchronized window.

22. The maximum program resolution is the same as that of the graphics card.

23. Resolved the issue: Uploading of C3 Pro upgrade package failed due to the space in its name.

24. A-series versions are made compatible with M2 features.

25. Improved user experience.

PlayerMaster V1.8

Release notes

Release Notes


1. Add the upgrade function of the play box LAN and cloud mode.

2. Add cloud mode to add LAN play box function.

3. Add the download progress display function of cloud mode release details.

4. Add the function of dragging and adjusting the order of program page bar and file window.

5. Add the function of dragging and dropping files to the program editing window.

6. Increase the synchronization window.

7. Add the function of adding multiple texts in the text window.

8. Add the preview function of streaming media window.

9. Added cloud mode play count statistics function.

10. Added the function of publishing programs to multiple terminals.

11. Add security encryption settings (LAN authentication and USB encryption settings).

12. Add shortcut buttons for exporting programs to U disk.

13. Add zoom and crop functions (only C5 is supported for now).

14. Increase the thumbnail of the program list.

15. Added weather window and timer window content display location settings.

16. Add a variety of digital clocks with attribute styles.

17. Added cloud platform clearing cache function.

18. Add the cluster control function of group sleep wake-up of the play box.

19. Add cloud mode, LAN mode play box environment monitoring function.

20. Modify the problem that the analog clock is inconsistent with the actual display of the play box.

21. Modify the problem that the editing preview of the program does not adjust the size of the preview window according to the actual setting size.

22. The software automatically records the server address optimization of user login.

23. The web program uses the Chrome browser (75.0) kernel.

24. Optimized software stability and user experience.

PlayerMaster V1.4

Release notes

Release Notes


1. Add screen resolution setting and screen rotation setting in the advanced settings of cloud mode.

2. Add cloud media and cloud program management.

3. Add the support for A100, A200, C6 Pro, C7 Pro, A2K and A4K.

4. Add window list and the window's right-click menu.

5. Add the function of deleting programs in batches, searching programs and sorting programs by last edit time.

6. Add the setting of cloud user information, and allows modifying user's passwords.

7. Add glaring single-line text.

8. Fix the problem that the software interface goes to the bottom layer after login in cloud mode.

9. Add selection function in terminal management module.

10. Add effect setting for multi-line text.

11. Fix the problem of occassional login timeout in cloud mode.

12. Add the support for resolution setting of A35 with 650 thousand pixels.

13. Add traditional Chinese in system language.

14.  Use a new global weather server.

PlayerMaster V1.2

Release notes

Release Notes


PlayerMaster is a professional software developed for the C series based on the Windows platform. It realizes integrated management of cloud and LAN mode, offers a new way of program production and allows automatic control of cloud-based and LAN-based schedules, thus providing customers with a more comprehensive and convenient mode of managing player box.