In-Camera VFX 
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     In-Camera VFX , based on the rendering engine, is applied to display real-time virtual scenes on a large LED screen. With actors and props, shoot any content you want by camera tracking, shutterlock and other technologies. Colorlight XR virtual shooting solution greatly meets the needs of camera shooting in virtual production and other aspects such as color adjustment, image optimization, data transmission, etc. It provides reliable technical support for shooting better virtual content and has been widely used in film shooting and advertising production.


1、System diagram

2、System components


Extended reality, merge the physical and virtual worlds.

    By rendering server, extend the boundaries of the on-screen content captured by the camera and blend the content which is off the LED screen into the output screen, showing unlimited space with the limited virtual set.

Virtual Sets Replace Green Screen

    Compared with the traditional green screen technology, the application of virtual shooting technology enables direct output of the final content. During the filming process, you can not only adjust the color and picture quality of the background, but also guide the actors to match the action with background images, shortening the production process of film and television works. Unlike green screens, LED walls can offer more accurate lighting and reflections, which greatly reduces post-production work and increases productivity. 


    When filming an LED screen, with ShutterLock you can tune your LED screen refresh rate to precisely match the camera's shutter speed, capturing the perfect content by the camera.


     Infi-bit technology increases the grayscale of the screen dramatically to display more low grayscale details, presenting a more realistic image picture.

Grayscale refinement

     Ensure that each level of grayscale is accurately calibrated, so that the transition of grayscale is smoother. You can calibrate Gamma curve, PQ curve of screen precisely, ensuring the quality of the shooting content.


      It adopts 3D LUT professional color management technology, which is widely used in film and industry field, to achieve precise control of the full 3D color space and present more accurate colors.

Color curve


      Response curves of red, green, blue and white can be customized to realize independent fine-tuning at high brightness or at low grayscale. Overexposure can be avoided when the image is displayed at high brightness, while at low grayscale, details can still be displayed vividly through this function since it can compensate for differences in ambient light or camera perform.

Frame Multiplexing


     Frame Multiplexing allows multiple cameras to simultaneously capture different content on the same screen. Filmmakers obtain multiple works in a single video shoot, which doubles the efficiency of film shooting and virtual production.

Color magic

      Multi-color adjustment based on HSV model enables independent adjustment of the hue, saturation and value of a specific color without affecting the display of other colors. With the adjustment for solid black and white, users can adjust 14 colors easily and accurately.

Low Latency

      Low Latency reduces the end-to-end latency to 1 frame. It provides a latency minimizing solution which facilitates the synchronization between the display, tracked camera system and actions.

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