Comprehensive Management.
The Rhino system combines three primary functions: screen splicing, KVM workstation, and video matrix management.

Ultra HD and Low Latency.

Full-link 4K@60Hz ensures smoother and clearer playback, with ultra-low latency between the KVM workstation and the host screen delivering a seamless operation experience.

Reliability and Scalability.

Operating without a central server, the system functions based on network and nodes. Even if one node fails, the system still works stably and reliably. Free from geographic and device number limitations, the system may scale by adding nodes, which can be easily maintained and replaced as needed.
Precise Synchronization.

The nanosecond-level synchronization and phase locking technology ensure a smooth display, eliminating issues such as blurred screens, tearing, flickering, and black screens.

Windowing, Roaming, Overlapping.

Each output node supports up to 16 windows with free windowing, roaming, and overlapping.

Presets and Playback.

Switch between 1,000 scene presets at will.

Supports playback with scheduled and loop playback configuration.

Mouse Across Screens.

Use one keyboard and mouse to control multiple hosts. Switch between screens simply by moving your mouse.

Efficient Collaboration.

Operators collaborate efficiently with KVM workstation pushing and signal capturing.

More Features.