Built-in software of media server.

Grandshow is reliable and robust for various scenarios and projects. It is the preferred software for exhibitions, digital centers, shows, large conferences and other activities.

Ultra 8K video decoding and output.

The server has the capability of software decoding and hardware decoding to deliver the best performance of CPU and GPU. It achieves pixel-to-pixel display on a 16Kx4K screen smoothly.

Program preview and pre-editing.

Program editing is supported while playing without influencing the screen output. In addition, the screen display can be viewed in the PGM window in real-time.

Editing Program by Timeline.

Freely arrange the programs on the timeline without layer limitation and arbitrarily specify the start time and duration of the material playback. Moreover, a variety of special effects and command triggering are supported during playback. All these features can be applied to meet the needs of various artistic forms for program arrangement and playback.

Creative display with infinite possibilities.

3D mapping technology enables you to present a creative display on any shape, structure or building.

Excellent compatibility with common media types.

Playback of common audio and video, pictures, PPT, text and web pages without transcoding.

Live video capture.

It is designed to capture multiple content streams through HDMI, SDI, DVI interface of capture cards. RTSP/ RTP/ NDI® network video streams are also available.

3D display.

Support 3D video display to provide immersive experiences.

HDR display.

Wide color gamut, high dynamic range and high contrast. Delicate image with richer colors reveals the world in its vividness.

Extra-long screen display.

Support pixel-to-pixel smooth playback, even on long screens with ultra-100K pixels..

7.1 surround sound, immersive experience.

7.1 surround sound offers you a premium sound effect and envelops you in sound from all directions, giving you more in-depth, immersive and true-to-life experiences.

Wonderful effects.

Support a variety of transition effects, mosaic effects, feather effects to meet the needs of some of the most prestigious displays in the world.

Real-time monitoring and easy-to-use visualized interface.

Simplify the management by connecting to Pad and realize real-time image monitoring. Applicable to digital exhibition, multimedia showroom and other various scenarios of video playback and control.

Log management.

Flexible external control.

Support Pad, central control, laser pointer, console and other external controls. Functions include image playback, scene switching, color and volume adjustment and others.

Playing programs by schedule.

The schedule function is used to control program switching, program play and pause, command triggering, media server closing and restart by time to achieve unattended operation.