“The committee was impressed with the color calibration and intuitive videowall patching. 

This product enables more individuals the ability to set up high end video walls.”-December 2023, LDI

Color Magic.

Multi-color adjustment based on HSV model enables independent adjustment of the hue,

saturation and value of a specific color without affecting the display of other colors.

Color Curve.

Response curves of red, green, blue and white can be customized to realize independent

fine-tuning at high brightness or at low grayscale. Overexposure can be avoided when the image is

displayed at high brightness, While at low grayscale, details can still be displayed vividly through

this function since it can compensate for differences in ambient light or camera perform.


It adopts 3D LUT professional color management technology, which is widely used in film and

industry field, to achieve precise control of the full 3D color space and present more accurate colors.

High Frame Rate.

Up to 240Hz, offering smoother and crystal visual effects.

Ultra Low Latency.

Ultra Low Latency reduces the end-to-end latency to 1 frame. It provides a latency

minimising solution for the stage performance, live events and virtual production,

facilitates the synchronization between the display, tracked camera system and actions.

Frame Multiplexing.

Frame Multiplexing allows multiple cameras to simultaneously

capture different content on the same screen.

Film-makers obtain multiple works in a single video shoot,

which doubles the efficiency of film shooting and virtual production.


With SHUTTERLOCK you can adjust LED screen refresh rate to precisely match the camera's

shutter speed, so that the camera captures the perfect picture.


Wide color gamut, high dynamic range, and high contrast.

Delicate image quality with richer colors reveals the world in its vividness.

5G Bandwidth Transmission.

Working with 5G receiving cards to realize end-to-end 5G bandwidth transmission.

It loads 2.8 milion pixels through one Ethernet cable, significantly improve transmission capacity.

10G Fiber Transmission.

10G optical fiber ensures the ultra-long distance stable transmission of signals,

and greatly reduces the number of wiring.