4K Input and 10G Fiber Port Output

Maximum load capacity 8.80 million pixels

Maximum width/height 8192 pixels

HDR 10/HLG Display

 Wide color gamut, high dynamic range, and high contrast

Delicate image with richer colors reveals the world in its vividness

Color Gamut Ajustment

Precisely adjust screen color to match standard color gamut


It adopts 3D LUT professional color management technology, which is widely used in film and industry field, to achieve precise control of the full 3D color space and present more accurate colors.

Color Curve

Customize response curves of red, green, blue and white  to realize independent fine-tuning at high brightness or at low grayscale. Overexposure can be avoided when the image is displayed at high brightness, while at low grayscale, details can still be displayed vividly through this function since it can compensate for differences in ambient light or camera performance.

Color Magic

Color adjustment based on HSV model enables independent adjustment of the hue, saturation and value of a specified color without affecting the display of other colors.

Frame Multiplexing

Frame multiplexing allows multiple cameras to capture different content on the same screen simultaneously.

Film-makers obtain multiple works in a single video shoot to double the efficiency of filming and virtual production.

High Frame Rate

Up to 240 Hz high frame rate  represents smoother and clearer visual effect.

Meet Various Needs in Different Scenarios

Widely employed in high-end stage rental, XR virtual shooting, broadcast and TV center and other scenarios.