Fast Locate Function Modules

In various scenarios, users can quickly locate different functional modules according to their needs.

Demo Mode for Offline Operation

Demo mode enables users to utilize the software anywhere, at any time, 

without a physical connection.

Powerful Load Capacity Calculator

Entering relevant parameters to calculate the bandwidth usage per output, 

which greatly improves screen configuration efficiency.

Quick Layout of LED Panels

The quick layout of multiple processors and cabinets doubles the productivity

by relieving users from complicated display settings.

Print Function Assists Screen Setup

Assists users to print the cabinet layout in advance, contributing to the LED panel wall setup.

Precise Color Adjustment

Various color adjustment tools, including Accurate Color Management, Color Magic, Color Curve, 

3D LUT, and so on, present the most authentic color for perfect visual experiences.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor the health status of display system in real-time and alert automatically 

in the event of an abnormality, achieving 24-hour unattended operation.