840㎡ LED Display Experience Lights Up the World's Largest Tourism Expo - ITB Berlin

The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show Adopted Colorlight Display Control Solution

Colorlight Illuminates Reverze Music Festival Delivering Unique Audio-Visual Experience in Belgium

Colorlight Creative Stage Solution supported rental scenario for immersive light and shadow in the unforgettable music festival.

Colorlight Breaks the Boundaries of Display Technology, Pioneering the Spherical Screen Trend

Colorlight LED Solution Unleashes Creativity in Immersive Spherical Screens.

A New Landmark Powered by Colorlight in the Middle East — the Eye of Kuwait

Colorlight's creative display control solution propels a new-generation cultural icon - the Eye of Kuwait.

Colorlight CS Series Media Servers Expedite Smart Experience in High-Speed Rail Station

Pioneering Future Transport Displays for Rapid Advancement in Intelligent Transportation

Colorlight's Outdoor Commercial Displays Illuminate Urban Vitality with Lights and Shadows

Amplify Every Element in Your City

Colorlight Empowers Intelligent Airport with Flexible and Traceable LED Solutions for City Infrastructure

Digitization Drives Airport Advancements

Colorlight's Diverse LED Solutions Illuminate Chengdu's Youthful Dreams

Colorlight provides "full-scene display control" solutions for the Universiade.

Powering Jakarta's Spectacular Visual Landscape: The World's Largest Outdoor Mechanical LED Display Project

The largest VP studio in China! Colorlight's virtual production promotes the construction of China's science and technology film city

Colorlight helps the implementation of Yongchuan Technological studio.

First XR integrated studio in Shenzhen established

Colorlight's XR integrated studio Brilliant way to explore the world

Colorlight and Glasses-Free 3D—Empowering Cultural Tourism

The rapid development of display technology allows tourism resources, cultural images, and historical connotations to be rediscovered and reinterpreted on the Internet. The street glasses-free 3D, creating unique city landmarks, leads the high-quality development of cultural tourism.