Centralized control of multiple systems.

Integrated management of various independent systems such as audio, video, light, air conditioner, etc.

Visualized user interface.

Inputs video previewing, screen status and playback status are monitored at all times on the visualized user interface, greatly facilitating the operation.

Integrated control of multiple screens.

Designed for mobile devices, Kylin is capable of controlling a number of screen walls via abundant built-in functions, e.g. background, subtitle.

Media server management.

Support real-time monitoring of hardware status including CPU, GPU, memory and playback status. Programs can be switched at will. Unleash your wildest imagination through simplified operations.

High extensibility. 

A multitude of audio/lighting/power supply devices can be integrated to the system through numerous protocols. User interface can be customized to the requirements of different scenarios, rendering the interface more attractive and convenient.

Compatibility with different operating systems.

Support iPad OS, Android, Harmony OS.