Colorlight Unveils ST2110 & IPMX Solutions for Enhanced Visual Excellence in Broadcasting and Television


Shenzhen, China  In a groundbreaking move that takes LED processor to a whole new level by embracing the new trend  IPMX (Internet Protocol Media Experience), Colorlight has launched its cutting-edge IP-based LED solution that seamlessly aligned with the demands of the radio and television industry for IP and UHD content, enabling IP-based AV transmission and processing. It comprehensively enhances the clarity and realism of video images while maintaining the stability and fluency of video playback. This significant advancement greatly assists the broadcasting industry in its journey toward digitization and networking.


"With the development of 4K and above Ultra HD technology, major TV stations and production agencies have gradually shifted to the IP system, adopting the ST2110 standard protocol for their studios and broadcasting requirements. Our live production solution over managed IP networks, based on the ST2110 standard protocol, harmoniously integrates with 5G+8K technology, ensuring the most lifelike visual experience in broadcasting and television studios, as well as on large stage displays," said Moore Huang, Colorlights Vice President. 

The Next-Level 5G+8K: Realistic Image Quality Based on the ST2110 Standard


Colorlight's ultra-high-definition display control system, 5G+8K, supports high-resolution and high-color-depth video playback, delivering a heightened sense of realism and overall picture quality, greatly enhancing the user experience. The addition of the ST2110 sub-board and ST2110 media server for LED masters perfectly aligns with the requirements of IP format and ultra-high-definition in the broadcast and television industry. Whether in broadcast and television studios or on large stage screens, both image quality and user experience see significant enhancements, ensuring that all video effects are transmitted with utmost accuracy and clarity.

Real-Time Transmission to Present Every Moment


Ultra Load Capacity, low latency, and high dynamic frame rate are the key features of Colorlight's ST2110 solutions. Compared to traditional Ethernet ports, the load capacity increases by nearly 5 times. Even when handling uncompressed videos, transmission quality remains consistent or becomes even more efficient and stable. The system has a minimal 0-frame delay to achieve real-time display synchronization and supports a maximum frame rate of 240Hz, reducing the entire control system's delay to no more than one frame (16.67ms), and guaranteeing smooth presentation of high-speed motion videos. These features address the display challenges faced by the broadcast TV industry, including handling ultra-high-definition content, latency issues, smears, and scanning lines while ensuring video remains uncompressed to accurately present every image.


Advanced Features of ST2110 Solutions


Scalability: In contrast to traditional SDI systems, which are constrained by the fixed size and port count of SDI routers and matrices, IP-based networks using ST2110 offer highly expandable capacity. This allows for easy additions of ports, bandwidth, and routing capacity as needed.

Flexibility: IP-based infrastructure, with IP routing and switching at its core, supports interactive applications. It provides simplicity, scalability, and enhanced flexibility to handle various signal types and expand the network.

Unified Control: A unified control system is crucial for managing diverse infrastructures with SDI, IP, and hybrid installations. It enables seamless integration and management of single routing, monitoring, and control, greatly facilitating system deployment and maintenance.

Assured Interoperability: IP infrastructures ensure reliable interoperability through standard Ethernet and IP protocols, open interfaces, and future-proof design. This offers tremendous potential for seamless integration and collaboration in software-based media processing.