Technology Empowering Industries: Colorlight Achieves Technological Breakthroughs in the COB Technology Boom


COB (Chip-on-Board) technology plays a pivotal role in the development of Mini/Micro LED (often referred to as the "next generation display technology." Accelerating its mass production and commercialization has become an industry focal point) displays. Notably, Colorlight's COB technology solution has garnered high praise in recent collaborative solutions with two renowned companies, as seen in the LED UHD conference all-in-one machine.


In response to the specific technical challenges and characteristics of COB technology, Colorlight has introduced an array of cutting-edge technologies and solutions, with a primary focus on core algorithms, and successfully advanced the optoelectronics industry towards high-quality development. These innovations aim to comprehensively enhance the display performance of COB screens, thereby improving the image quality of Mini/Micro LED displays and facilitating mass production.

Pixel Multiplication Technology

Our professional virtual pixel algorithm supports precise point-by-point calibration of true and virtual pixels, addressing industry challenges stemming from smaller pixel pitches. This solution enables a seamless transition between real and virtual pixels, achieving a new upgrade of visually stunning images and effects.

One-click pixel multiplication

COB Screen Calibration Solution

Scientific Grade Calibration Camera - CCM6000

We employ the CIE1931-XYZ Optical Filter to accurately replicate human perception of brightness and color. Equipped with a 16-bit high-precision light sensor and a constant-temperature refrigeration system, CCM6000 precisely and consistently captures the brightness and chromaticity of each LED. 

Low Brightness Calibration

Maintaining high-quality display at low brightness requires more advanced calibration technology. CCM6000 can capture a minimum of 0.01 nit ultra-low brightness with precision and stability, which resolves issues like non-uniformity within module and color blocks within COB screens, achieving a substantial improvement in visual effects.

Multi-Grayscale Calibration

Multi-grayscale calibration technology can calibrate multiple gray levels of the screen, ensuring the high display quality of each gray scale after calibration, maximizing the display effect of the screen under high-brightness and low-gray conditions, and giving the COB screen the perfect visual effects performance at any brightness.


Infi-Bit technology significantly expands the display's grayscale, markedly enhancing the contrast ratio of LED screens. It deepens dark areas and enriches bright areas, presenting vivid colors, intricate details, and displaying high-end images. 

Grayscale Refinement

The high-precision brightness colorimeter accurately measures each grayscale. Algorithm-driven fine calibration enhances overall linearity, enabling pixel-level optimization and seamless color display. 

5G Solution

Colorlight's innovative 5G solution provides a load capacity nearly five times larger than conventional 1G transmission bandwidth. Its streamlined wiring and efficient transmission ensure the COB screen achieves high-quality display effects while maintaining ultra-high transmission efficiency.