Extended Reality(XR) | How does Colorlight Leverage It to Accelerate the Application of Metaverse?


In November 2022, Chinese authorities issued the Virtual Reality and Industry Applications Integration Development Action Plan(2022-2026), which puts forward the goal of realizing significant breakthroughs in producing 3D, virtual-real immersive video and audio. The document also highlights the need to improve the industrial ecosystem and facilitate large-scale application of VR in key industries of economy and society, aiming to build an industry development paradigm featuring common prosperity for technologies, products, services, and applications.


As a leading company in the field of LED display control, Colorlight has been working at innovating technologies and product applications, and improving industry ecosystem, making itself an active player in building industries related to Mateverse.

The recent release of the 2023 Whitepaper on Research of LED Display Applications in the Metaverse (XR/VR/AR) in which Colorlight contributed as a coeditor is a living proof.

The whitepaper discusses in detail the application prospect and development trends of LED display in Metaverse. Wisdom from Colorlight about possible technologies and applications can also be found in it.


The Metaverse is set to become an important component of the digital economy in the future. Its development is crucial for the progress of both the economy and society, which explains why it has been the subject of heated discussions. Despite the varying opinions, there is no doubt that the Metaverse's realization depends on the support of XR. Their combination represents an integration and upgrading of the digital and real worlds, leading to a revolutionary development of computing capacity, connectivity, and display.


The In-Camera VFX, a virtual shooting solution based on XR, is an important contribution made by Colorlight to the development of Metaverse from the perspective of application innovation. This solution has been successfully applied in many key projects, including virtual shooting studios and XR studios.


Colorlights In-Camera VFX contains all necessary equipment for virtual shooting except for the screen, covering every aspect of the application scenario from the initial shooting to video processing. Once the end users confirm the site area and budget, the one-stop XR virtual shooting can be performed via In-Camera VFX, significantly improving video processing efficiency and user experience.


Regarding the application of In-Camera VFX, the first XR integrated shooting studio in Shenzhen is a great example. The studio was built jointly by Colorlight and MetaBoarder. It contains not only a large shooting studio, but also a fine-pitch XR display studio as well as a shadowless studio, meeting various virtual shooting demands. Supported by a lifelike virtual environment and brand-new intelligent interaction, the XR integrated shooting studio can present users with a lifelike scene that is almost indistinguishable from reality.


The immersion, interactivity, and infinite creativity offered by XR virtual shooting make it a seedbed for creative film and television programs, allowing this emerging technique to be applied in various fields, including film and television production, program broadcasting, rapid content creation for the web, virtual IP creation, and virtual live streaming.


Moving forward, Colorlight will continue to increase its investment in R&D to lead technical innovation, and make relentless efforts to expand and accelerate the application of LED display in multiple scenarios relevant to Metaverse industries, so as to further improve the industries ecosystem and boost the development of digital economy.