Colorlight Launches Free-Use Policy, Promoting Intelligent Transformation of MLED Display Production


As a leader in UHD display technology innovation, Colorlight bears the responsibility of promoting the transformation of the MLED display industry towards automation and intelligence. To help break through production bottlenecks and improve product quality, Colorlight launched a policy that offers free use of Micro/Mini LED intelligent core testing equipment (named Mica) to customers with in-depth cooperation and large production volumes.

By combining algorithms of machine vision, color calibration, and brightness perception, Colorlight's Mica can achieve intelligent and unmanned management of the complete process of MLED display calibration. As a result, issues covering brightness & chromaticity, viewing angle deviation, and inconsistent coating color can all be identified and resolved promptly.

Compared with traditional calibration methods, Mica has 3 distinct advantages:

Fully automated. It establishes a fully automated assembly line calibration system using industrial robots, allowing for the consistency and stability of MLED displays with precise and error-free calibration.

Highly integrated. It highly integrates chroma calibration, dead pixel check, angle detection, coating color detection, saving program and data to hardware, etc., making the operation simple and easy, greatly reducing the operator’s learning cost and error rate during the calibration process.

High-quality and efficient. With the comprehensive support of scientific-grade image capture instruments, intelligent industrial control, and multiple AI algorithms, this equipment can significantly improve calibration efficiency while ensuring high quality.

The free-use policy of Mica is Colorlight’s significant move to embrace intelligent manufacturing and accelerate industry transformation actively. It also manifests the company’s social responsibility and commitment to promoting sustainable development of the industry.

With the continuous upgrading and widespread popularity of MLED technology, Colorlight will keep improving AI algorithms, optimizing product design, and providing innovative solutions that meet market demands. Meanwhile, the company will further promote the development and application of intelligent MLED production, contributing to the construction of digital China.

*Colorlight reserves the right to make the final interpretation of the free-use policy.