Colorlight “5G+8K” Boosts “Bai Cheng Qian Ping”, Empowers UHD Popularization


In October 2021, a two-year "Bai Cheng Qian Ping" UHD video promotion campaign was jointly launched by authorities including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Radio and Television Administration, and the China Media Group. This campaign presents significant development opportunities for LED display and UHD video industries.

Earlier this year, the top-level design of digital China was outlined, and many local governments released policies supporting the new display industry. In line with these policies, "Bai Cheng Qian Ping" has been accelerated, continuously driving the upgrade of the upstream and downstream industry chains, such as production and broadcasting equipment, terminal products, display panels, and chips, and promoting innovation in digital technologies.

As a market leader and core supplier in the display control field, Colorlight has demonstrated exceptional R&D capabilities and developed a series of new products that support 5G transmission and 8K video processing. These innovations significantly contribute to the success of "Bai Cheng Qian Ping" and empower the UHD industry.

"Bai Cheng Qian Ping" Accelerates UHD 

Industry Development

"Bai Cheng Qian Ping" supports eligible cities in transforming existing screens into public UHD displays, or in building new screens to display high-quality UHD 4K/8K content. The campaign aims to enrich the service scenarios of UHD and accelerate its integration and innovative development, contributing to the cultural promotion and enhancing city image, as well as upgrading consumption and fostering business startups and innovations. This is expected to give rise to new technologies, business models, and formats in the industry.

The broadcasting of UHD videos, such as those of the Beijing Winter Olympics and CCTV channels, has accelerated the development of China's UHD industry, with "Bai Cheng Qian Ping" playing a significant role. Deployed UHD outdoor screens have positively impacted public cultural propaganda and enhanced the city's brand image by displaying rich UHD 4K/8K programs. In addition, China's cultural&tourism consumption demands are gradually recovering, and business districts are becoming more vibrant. New consumption scenarios have emerged, such as outdoor landmarks featuring glasses-free 3D screens, greatly expanding the application of outdoor displays.

The impressive video display reveals the maturity of the UHD industrial chain. At the technical level, "Bai Cheng Qian Ping" has set higher requirements for resolution and image quality on public UHD large screens, suggesting 8K UHD video account for at least 40% of the content displayed. This has prompted both upstream and downstream companies to accelerate their technological innovation. As a result, leading enterprises with advanced technology have emerged in various segments of the UHD industry chain, including equipment, services, and applications.

"5G+8K" Applications Innovate

New Display Ecosystem

As we all know, larger and higher-resolution screens require more advanced technology to achieve optimal visual performance, including factors such as display brightness, color gamut, power consumption, and reliability. As screens continue to increase in size and resolution, the demand for processing and playback of UHD videos, such as 8K&16K, is also growing, leading to a significant increase in data volume. With the popularity of 5G communication, the increasing improvement of video processing and display control technology has become more critical than ever.

Colorlight is a high-tech company that provides professional display control products, including hardware and algorithm-based software. The company has developed a series of video processing equipment with integrated functions, such as optical calibration, color management, image splicing, matrix switching, multi-layer processing, cross-platform control, and UHD rendering, allowing for the display effects with high bit depth, dynamic range, frame rate, color gamut, and low latency.

As one of the few companies mastering LED display control and video processing core technology, Colorlight has demonstrated its crucial value in the UHD video industry due to its continuous and in-depth R&D and technology accumulation. The company's video processing equipment is capable of image processing, coding&decoding, and transmission, which are indispensable for the application of UHD video technology.

In recent years, Colorlight has developed a series of new products capable of 5G transmission and 8K video processing to keep pace with the global trend of UHD video development.

In the field of LED display control, Colorlight boasts advanced 5G bandwidth wired transmission technology, which enhances traditional transmission efficiency by 5 times, significantly improving the transmission efficiency and stability of on-site information. Meanwhile, the company also offers cutting-edge 8K UHD LED display and control technology for IP transmission in the UHD video industry, effectively promoting the popularization of UHD programs such as "Bai Cheng Qian Ping". For 8K UHD rebroadcasting, Colorlight provides core products such as UHD LED controller, 8K signal distributor, video wall splicer, receiving devices, and fiber optic converter, achieving a complete transmission from the 8K set-top box signal source port to the UHD large screen display.

Colorlight regards "5G+8K" as a critical development direction and has gained a significant market share thanks to its high-quality products and excellent services. In October 2022, the company was elected as a UHD World Association (UWA) member and was highly recognized by the alliance. In the future, the flourishing UHD video industry will provide Colorlight with more market opportunities and a favorable development environment.