Delivering 9 Innovative Solutions at the ISE 2024 to Advance Interactive Visual Experiences


At the world's largest audio-visual and system integration exhibition ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) 2024, thousands of professional exhibitors from across the globe convened in Barcelona, marking the commencement of a groundbreaking chapter this year. At the exhibition, from January 30th to February 2nd, 2024, Colorlight has successfully exhibited its 9 remarkable LED display control solutions to create an impressive display interactive experience for visitors. 

Now let's take a closer look at these exhibition of scenes:


ColorAdept + Z8t: Experience the Ultimate Color 

The pairing of ColorAdept with Z8t underscores the seamless integration of user-friendly design and state-of-the-art display technology. Engineered to be user-friendly, ColorAdept has an intuitive interface and clear controls, ensuring the setup of LED panel walls is accessible even for beginners. Adhering to the interaction principle of Signifiers, the platform's UI is effortlessly understandable and user-friendly. The Z8t, Colorlight's flagship LED video processor, delivers ultra-high-definition quality and precise imaging. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, it allows for remote control via a Gigabit Ethernet network, significantly reducing cable usage and simplifying on-site hardware connections. 


ST2110 Solution: Pioneering the Future of Broadcasting

Colorlight's ST2110 solution leads the industry as the first to support RGB444 12bit signal source transmission, enriching screen displays with enhanced vibrancy and depth. Representing the pinnacle of digital intelligent broadcasting and TV, this standard facilitates UHD live production and multi-version IP distribution of new multimedia, meeting the demand for extensive personalized signal distribution and monitoring in large-scale 4K TV program production. As a future-oriented IP video transmission standard, the ST2110 is a technological innovation that advances the application of display and control devices in broadcasting and TV.

AVoIP System: Unleashing Digital Productivity

Colorlight's self-developed AVoIP distributed system solution opens up unprecedented potential in command centers, data centers, and beyond. Built on Colorlight DS40 series distributed controllers, this solution contains five key features: decentralized design, ultra-low latency, efficient maintenance, IPC source integration, and unlimited capacity expansion. 


X100 Pro Series: Redefining the Value of Large-screen Display

The X100 Pro, an integrated all-in-one video processor, emerges as a robust solution for coping with large-screens in the industry. Leveraging high frame rate uncompressed processing algorithms and high-speed transmission of large-resolution images, it ensures seamless synchronization of large-screen splicing and delivers stunning high-definition visuals. Combining high-performance splicing processors with LED control systems, it offers both image processing and LED display control capabilities, providing users with a streamlined, efficient, and stable display and control system solution.


Rental LED Solution: Unveiling Stage Brilliance

Colorlight's latest rental solution empowers stages with intelligent effects that created unprecedented stage experiences for users. Colorlight's latest rental solution(the VX series) integrates a host of cutting-edge image processing technologies with diverse interface types, supporting full-platform system operation across various stage scenarios for smooth and high-definition image. Paired with advanced 5G transmission technology, it streamlines the transmission redundancy and complexity, reduces on-site wiring, greatly improves the stability and efficiency of information and data transmission, and provides convenient and efficient stage control solutions.


MLED Calibration Solution: Innovating Calibration Technology

MLED intelligent calibration solution represents Colorlight one of important strategic moves in the MLED field, which helps to enter large-scale and standardized production and applications. The self-developed CCM6000 scientific calibration camera accurately captures the brightness and color information of each lamp bead on the screen, effectively addressing COB screen display issues. The Mica production line automated calibration system can improve production efficiency and inspection quality, and standardize the production process, greatly ensuring data security, and reducing the difficulty of use and after-sales costs. Meanwhile, Colorlight's professional algorithms ensured precise calibration, which can solve key problems in the MLED field and guarantee high-quality display effects.


CS Series Media Server: Redefining Broadcasting Control

Colorlight's CS series multimedia servers offer enhanced scalability, broadcast control capability, and high stability. Featuring GrandShow Sync technology, it provides rich color adjustment and visual editing capabilities, enabling users to achieve their desired outcomes effortlessly, and catering to diverse display applications with ease. Colorlight media servers support spherical, ultra-long, or any special-shaped screens, with features like synchronized strictly by frame, ultra-large resolution video point-to-point output is capable that meet current market demands for large-scale projects and rental activities without the need for custom materials.


Meeting Room Solution: Building Digital Meeting Trends

Colorlight's CM series conference system solution delivers intelligent, portable, and efficient one-stop conference experience. Integrating sending card and Android 13.0, the CM all-in-one solution for meeting meets various meeting scenarios with clear screen images, flexible meeting operations, and smooth system performance, ensuring high-quality meetings from every aspect. The rich media playback and interactive capabilities of the Colorlight CM series dramatically enhanced digital conferencing productivity, which just meet the needs of LED display applications. 

ColorlightCloud: Bridging Smart Cloud Scenarios

ColorlightCloud as an intelligent and efficient cluster management platform enables comprehensive cloud-based management from player to client. Equipped with A series cloud networking players, ColorlightCloud networking solutions leverage IoT and cloud computing technologies that managed to link multiple carriers and comprehensively covered various display systems. Based on digitization and informatization, ColorlightCloud's multi-screen, multi-service, cross-region unified cluster cloud management is safe and reliable enough to promote the construction of smart cities.