Colorlight Showcases Comprehensive LED Display Control Solutions at ISLE 2024 in Shenzhen


Shenzhen, China -- Colorlight, a professional global video solution provider and the pioneering publicly listed entity in China's LED control system industry, has showcased many of its cutting-edge display control solutions to build a newer ecosystem of LED film&TV technology such as MLED, Cloud tech, Commend Center System, and more other solutions at ISLE (International System Display and Integrated System Exhibition) 2024 in Shenzhen, China, and received 3 honorable awards as "Immersive Display Innovative Award", "Best Booth Design Award", and "Excellent Products Award" during the trades show.


"We're thrilled to connect with industry experts at this extraordinary three-day LED industry exhibition," said Moore Huang, Vice President of Colorlight. "Our discussions about the core detection equipment —— Mica and its role in driving MLED development across various application scenarios, technical challenges, user experiences, and operational aspects have been incredibly insightful. The intelligent Mica system is poised to standardize production management processes, reduce usability complexities, and lower after-sales costs, all while enhancing production efficiency and testing efficacy."

Comprehensive High-resolution MLED Solutions

  • Automated Production Line Solution: 

The showcased automated calibration workflow demonstrated the efficiency and accuracy of automated calibration. Colorlight's self-developed Mica intelligent core detection equipment integrates intelligent automated grayscale sorting, multi-angle defect detection, and automated calibration systems. This system, supported by real-time cloud storage on data and business management servers, allows for remote access and automatic coefficient downloads and module matching based on module UID.


  • COB Screen Calibration Solution: 

Colorlight's CCM6000 scientific-grade calibration camera and Calibration Pro professional calibration software, equipped with advanced gradient fusion algorithms, oversampling algorithms, simultaneous high and low brightness calibration, and dynamic thermal effect calibration, elevate COB screen calibration to new heights. This solution provides customers with precise, efficient, and cost-effective calibration, serving as a catalyst for COB calibration innovation.

  • M10 Control Chip Solution: 

Integrated with Colorlight's proprietary intelligent image technology algorithms, this chip accurately identifies display environment requirements, significantly enhances data transmission speeds and processing capabilities, while improving MLED manufacturing efficiency.


  • Virtual Pixels Technology Solution: 

Colorlight's averaging display algorithm addresses the reduction in virtual pixel screen fluency, while dynamic peak brightness and contrast enhance virtual pixel edge clarity. Additional features include virtual pixel calibration and one-touch real/virtual switching. Coupled with Colorlight's 5G transmission and 8K video processing technologies, this solution facilitates seamless large-scale loading, enabling 2K/4K displays to achieve 4K/8K display effects and accelerating the adoption of LED 4K/8K applications.


  • Portable, Paperless, and Intelligent Conference Solution: 

The streamlined conference operation obtained high praise and recognition from attendees. Colorlight's CM series conference cards integrated control modules and intelligent systems that present rich media playback and interaction capabilities. It can deliver clear displays, efficient interaction, and stable performance, and offer a smart and high-quality conference experience.


  • X100 Pro Solution: 

The X100 Pro series, designed for large-scale splicing displays, adopts a modular design with rich input and output types and adaptive high frame rate algorithms. With just one device, users can seamlessly apply it onto ultra-high-resolution small-pitch LED displays. Colorlight's X100Pro-2U, 4U, 7U, 11U, and 20U were all showcased at ISLE Shenzhen, which catered to diverse market needs and different visual experiences.

More Impressive Solutions


  • Virtual Production: 

Colorlight meets the IP and ultra-high-definition display needs of the film and television production market with using the advanced Z8t controller, which is also compatible with ST2110 sub-boards. The solution incorporating key technologies such as scene fusion, invert frames, and shutterlock, enables simultaneous multi-scene and multi-angle shooting, significantly enhancing shooting efficiency while accelerating intelligent filmmaking in the broadcast display field.


  • KVM Command Center System: 

The new visualization command center simulation area offers attendees a unique experience for presenting a real command center scene with professional seats and information screens. Built on Colorlight's DS40 series distributed seat controllers, this solution features decentralization, efficient maintenance, distance breakthroughs, IPC resource access, and unlimited scalability, creating a collaborative, flexible, and stable command center work environment with reduced costs.

  • Colorlight Culture Zone: 

The immersive display created with a hemispherical screen and three-dimensional display effect quickly captivated attendees, becoming one of impressive highlights in the Colorlight booth. The solution delivers premium tourism experiences based on CS series multimedia servers, GrandShow software, and heterogeneous display technology. Through powerful image editing capabilities and seamless adaptation to various spherical or multi-faceted screens, it meets the demands of ultra-high-resolution displays to assist in promoting visual culture through advanced display technologies.

  • Information Release System Solution: 

Utilizing the intelligent cluster management platform ColorlightCloud and the A-series cloud networking player, Colorlight's information release system offers versatile material playback, rich plug-in options, secondary development interfaces, and robust decoding capabilities and compatibility. With comprehensive scene deployment, full media coverage, interconnected information, and worry-free release, the solution ensures stable and efficient exhibitions, and provides tremendous convenience to exhibitors.

Exploring Colorlight through Hands-on Experience

For a better visiting experience at this exhibition, Colorlight added its brand zone and upgraded the software operation experience zone. From developing the first gigabit network card-equipped receiving card in 2007 to the unveiling of its self-developed chips in 2023, Colorlight has led a series of technological innovations over years. The operation zone provides tablets and computers for on-the-spot experience, allowing both novices and experts to quickly grasp Colorlight's user-friendly software. By offering targeted software experience areas, Colorlight enhanced the overall product and solution service process, and allowed visitors to deeply understand Colorlight's software operation characteristics through real experiences.