"Exploring Colorlight" Corporate Tour with the Tsinghua Electronic That Accelerates the Prosperity of LED Display Control Industry


Shenzhen, China -- the "Tsinghua Electronic - Corporate Tour" event in December 16th, 2023, hosted by Tsinghua University Shenzhen International Graduate School, the Tsinghua University Alumni Association Electronic Engineering Branch, and the Visible Light Communication and Optical Computing Industry Alliance of Shenzhen, has concluded successfully at Colorlight's Shenzhen headquarter. The founder of Colorlight engaged in in-depth discussions with representatives from participating companies, and provided them with a comprehensive experience about Colorlight's corporate culture, R&D capability, and other impressive achievements.

The event commenced with alumni touring Colorlight's technology exhibition hall. After a detailed presentation from the founder of Colorlight, attendees gained basic information about the development of the industry, the development of Colorlight, related products and solutions, and some future plans. Colorlight has assisted participants to experience their technological strength about its products, and explored cutting-edge image control technologies with rich application scenarios.


In a special lecture session, both the founder of Colorlight and Professor Jian Song shared their meaningful keynote speeches. The founder shared Colorlight's deep involvement in digital image recognition, machine vision, and the development of many more avant-garde technologies such as infi-bit, sub-pixel enhancement, zero latency, nanosecond-level synchronization, and video display based on human eye biometric perception. With over 10 years of technical accumulation, Colorlight has achieved a leading position in the LED display control industry. The founder's presentation provided visitors with a comprehensive understanding of Colorlight's technological capabilities and practical accomplishments. 



Professor Jian Song in his presentation on "Optical Carrier Information - From Electronic Information to the Photon Era," conducted a thorough analysis of photonic information technology from background, key technologies, application scenarios, etc. This insightful presentation shed light on the significance of this information technology's development and strategic advantages, revealing a future technology ecosystem filled with disruptive potential, and offering attendees a thorough technological feast. Through profound exchanges and insightful sharing, attendees have gained a profound understanding of both image display control system and optoelectronic information, collectively steering the LED display control industry into the era of Industry 4.0. 



Colorlight will strengthen its collaboration with Tsinghua University in research and innovation in the fields of LED display control and optoelectronics, leveraging their unique strengths to explore future trends and develop high-quality image display technology, and driving innovation in the industry. The resounding success of the visit highlights Colorlight's unwavering commitment to continuously explore technological development and cooperation, and contribute to mutual success. In the future, Colorlight will further focus on resource integration, technological innovation, and sustainable development to become a powerful engine that unites academia and cooperation, creating a thriving and healthy new ecosystem for display control technology.