Colorlight Introduces Z8t Video Processor: Elevating Precision and Innovation at LDI 2023


Shenzhen, China -- Colorlight, a professional global video solution provider and the pioneering publicly listed entity in China's LED control system industry, showcased its flagship Z8t video processor at Live Design International 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has been awarded as “2023 Best Debuting Product Video/Projection” during the trades show. The Z8t, a professional display controller renowned for ultra-high-definition quality and precise imaging, is meticulously designed with modularity, supporting various input cards, including the cutting-edge ST2110 for IP raw media transmission. 

ColorAdept Software - The Perfect Partner to Z8t UHD Video Processor

The pairing of ColorAdept with Z8t underscores the seamless integration of user-friendly design and state-of-the-art display technology. Engineered to be user-friendly, ColorAdept has an intuitive interface and clear controls, ensuring the setup of LED panel walls is accessible even for beginners. Adhering to the interaction principle of Signifiers, the platform's UI is effortlessly understandable and user-friendly. The Z8t, Colorlight's flagship LED video processor, delivers ultra-high-definition quality and precise imaging. Compatible with both Windows and MacOS, it allows for remote control via a Gigabit Ethernet network, significantly reducing cable usage and simplifying on-site hardware connections. Thus, the ColorAdept+Z8t platform greatly impacts our clients' businesses and their employees by simplifying complex processes and enhancing the efficiency of operations.


Color Adjustments Advance High-quality Imaging

Beyond its user-friendly design, the Z8t excels in delivering exceptional image quality and precise color reproduction. A key breakthrough is the multi-color adjustment based on the HSV model, enabling users to independently fine-tune the hue, saturation, and value of specific colors without impacting others. The system's ability to customize response curves for red, green, blue, and white is another groundbreaking feature. This facilitates independent fine-tuning at high brightness or low grayscale, preventing overexposure at high brightness and ensuring vivid details at low grayscale. The incorporation of 3D LUT, a professional color management technology widely used in the film industry, provides precise control over the full 3D color space, delivering more accurate colors. These features significantly elevate output quality, promising an exceptional audiovisual experience for LED wall end-users.

Worry-free User Experience

The system features an advanced monitoring system that diligently checks inputs, temperature, humidity, network cable errors, voltage, power supply, and fan performance. In case of any abnormalities, email alerts are promptly dispatched, enabling 24-hour unattended operation. The 10G Optical Fiber capability allows signal transmission over long distances without loss, reducing the number of wires needed at the control end. The 5G Receiving Cards support end-to-end 5G bandwidth transmission, facilitating the loading of 3 million pixels through a single Ethernet cable. This amalgamation of features ensures a seamless and worry-free user experience, reflecting Colorlight's commitment to pushing the boundaries of visual technology.


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