CCE's Commitment to Bridging Connections with LED Experts and Facilitating Effective Global Client Growth


The Colorlight instructor team is taking strides to reinforce its global reputation, actively delving into the LED control system market in Southeast Asia. In November, over 150 enthusiasts joined the Indonesian CCE training seminar, immersing themselves in an enriching training program. The curriculum covered a spectrum of topics, including product introductions, detailed explanations, solution configurations, and hands-on operations. Offering a comprehensive insight into Colorlight's products and control systems, the courses covered A Series, X Series, LEDVISION instructions, and LED screen debugging, managing to inject vitality into the high-quality development of the global LED control system industry.

CCE, also known as Colorlight Certified Engineer, offers a unique opportunity to engage with LED experts. The event showcases experienced technical engineers and advanced product managers from Colorlight as the main speakers, having trained and communicated with over 1000+ attendees worldwide.

The course covers product introductions, in-depth product explanations, solution configurations, and practical operations. You will get a better understanding of Colorlight's products and control system, along with a comprehensive overview of system configuration schemes demonstrated through various practical scenarios such as XR, glasses-free 3D Solution, immersive LED display control, Mini & Micro LED, COB,  creative display, and etc.

Colorlight tailors its CCE premium courses based on local industry environments and project experiences. In the Indonesian market, Colorlight played a crucial role in assisting Jakarta in creating a remarkable outdoor mechanical screen. Drawing from this experience, the instructor team developed a customized teaching plan, offering systematic and detailed technical lectures, solution explanations, and product configuration guidance. This approach ensures technical knowledge is easily accessible and replicable through practical experience.


In addition to the professional expertise of the Colorlight instructor team, the event incorporates efficient practical exercises to sharpen participants' skills, fostering engagement through rich Q&A interactions and group competitions. This holistic approach ensures participants not only learn technical knowledge but also have an enjoyable, helpful, and rewarding course experience.

In previous CCE events, Colorlight has expanded its footprint across major regions in China, including Beijing, Liaoning, Sichuan, Henan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, drawing in numerous enthusiastic participants. The learning experience covers various theoretical knowledge and practical examples, including product applications and comprehensive solution introductions. Group knowledge duels, helpful Q&A, and random quizzes enhance the learning experience, with instructors acting as both guides and friends, assisting students in acquiring professional knowledge. This high-quality and comprehensive course will continually provide the industry with excellent talents.


Colorlight's annual CCE training is committed to fostering collaborative discussions and shared growth with global clients. The instructor team supports multilingual and all-encompassing training, reaching deep into user communities and tailoring sessions for different types of customers, solutions, and scales. Conducting thousands of training sessions worldwide every year, Colorlight ensures each interaction is meaningful, and guarantees every participant leaves with a wealth of knowledge. Colorlight eagerly anticipates facing challenges and fostering development together with global clients in the future, effectively facilitating communication and growth for industry professionals.