Colorlight Showcases Diverse Commercial LED Control Solutions at Turkey Advertising Exhibition - SIGN ISTANBUL


Shenzhen, China — Colorlight, in-depth exploration of the global market and the demands of commercial LED control technology in communication, recently participated in the Turkey Advertising Signs and Printing Exhibition, known as SIGN ISTANBUL, held in Istanbul, Turkey. The event brought together thousands of industry practitioners, suppliers, and experts. At SIGN ISTANBUL, Colorlight presented a range of powerful new products and solutions, including the cutting-edge X Series professional video processors, A Series cloud players, and CS Series media servers. These offerings underscore Colorlight's commitment to technical excellence, providing professional support for advertising displays and contributing to the development of the global advertising market.

Colorlight X Series Video Processor: Perfect for Advertising Communication

The Colorlight X Series video processors are the ideal choice for advertising communication. With an exceptional load capacity, they ensure that no details are missed. These processors support multi-screen displays, enabling flexible presentation of various advertising content. Moreover, they are compatible with various video format decodings and offer multiple control modes, simplifying the process of presenting advertisements across diverse scenarios. The Colorlight X Series professional video processors flawlessly adapt to the technical requirements of different advertising applications.

A Series Cloud Player: Elevating Advertising to New Dimensions

The A Series player intelligently and accurately elevates advertising display. Its capabilities include global cluster management, enabling large-scale advertising dissemination. With flexible video decoding suitable for various screen sizes, the A Series player enhances the capacity for displaying advertisements. It offers customers a more dynamic platform for advertising communication, with rich scene settings and flexible creative expressions.

CS Series Media Server: Unleash Creative Advertising Potential

The CS Series media server, renowned for its scalability, broadcast control capacity, and stability, meets the diverse demands of various advertising applications. It includes the proprietary GrandShow, a meticulously developed professional video broadcast control software that allows for customizable screen adjustments. The server supports 4K, 8K, and 16K video decoding, ensuring the effective output of high-resolution images for creating premium advertising scenes. The CS Series accommodates non-rectangular LED displays and 3D presentations. Furthermore, it supports batch slicing, deformation, combination, and other functions, facilitating unconstrained advertising creativity. The robust capabilities of Colorlight's CS Series media servers epitomize the concept of "what you envision is what you receive”.