Large load capacity.

Maximum load capacity 512x512, 32 parallel RGB data groups.

Adjustable color temperature.

Improving picture expression by adjusting color temperature to match the LED characteristics.

Cabinet highlight and OSD.

Learn quickly cabinet cascade mode and physical location 

thanks to the display of receiving card index and control area.

Brightness and chroma calibration.

Effectively eliminating the color difference between pixels, 

achieve whole screen color and brightness uniformity and consistency. Improve overall display quality.

Cabinet image rotation.

Cabinet image rotates at 90°/180°/270°.

Loop redundancy.

Switch automatically and seamlessly to the other signal channel, 

when one channel fails, to increase transmission reliability, ensuring normal screen display.

Firmware redundancy and readback.

Guarantee upgrade safety and avoid firmware lose 

due to cable disconnection or power interruption during upgrade process.

Modular design.

Module design lights up triangle, trapezoid, circle, fan and other irregular LED modules 

or cabinets in a breeze, which is applied to diverse LED display shapes.