840㎡ LED Display Experience Lights Up the World's Largest Tourism Expo - ITB Berlin


The ITB Berlin 2024 (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) in Germany has come to a perfect close. As one of the largest and most influential tourism trade shows globally, this year's event featured an immersive 840㎡ LED screen for its stage for showcasing the cultural tourism of various countries through Colorlight’s smart display control technology. Colorlight provided professional LED ultra-high-definition stage display control solutions to assist in enhancing eye-catching effects of this immersive stage as a new communication platform, becoming the highlight of the ITB Berlin exhibition.


ITB is hailed as the "Olympic" of the global tourism industry, with over 5,500 exhibitors from more than 170 countries and regions across five continents, also including tens of thousands of visitors. At the Berlin International Exhibition Center, attendees experienced Colorlight's top-tier LED display control effect and felt the ultimate visual excitement.


Creating An Immersive Cultural Tourism Experience

Colorlight's ultra-high-definition video solution supported a 105*8m stage screen from Innlights Display Solutions consisting of 3360 cabinets with just 5% screen brightness, perfectly reproducing the beautiful scenery of numerous tourist destinations worldwide. The X100 Pro video splicer and i-series receiving cards have high-performance image processing technology and ultra-high-resolution LED display control capabilities to enhance the stage screen's ideal effect. The grand LED screen layout managed to create a fantastic and immersive cultural tourism atmosphere with a concise control plan.



Professional Control on Cultural Tourism

Colorlight's CS series 8K servers, equipped with GrandShow server software also played a crucial role behind the perfect achievement of the LED screen. The high-quality cultural tourism videos were outputted point-to-point, and showcases accurate colors and exquisite image quality on 3 thousand more LED cabinets, painting a delicate world picture. It supports a variety of transition effects, mosaic effects, feather effects and to be used in exhibitions, digital centers, live shows, business conferences, and more. With Colorlight’s unique GrandShow Sync technology, dozens of media servers can output ultra-high-resolution videos in precise frame synchronization.



5% Ultra-Low Brightness with Precise Image

Even with screen brightness only 5% on-site, images details has kept clear enough, and seemed to lead them to various tourist destinations with strong visual impact. The immersive exhibition scene attracted numerous spectators to stop by and filled with keen interest and enthusiasm. In the dark environment, the screen images were still vivid and charming, promoting various tourist destinations worldwide and their diverse tourism resources.