Powerful Performance with GrandShow CE.

With the pre-installed GrandShow CE, a brand new software developed by Colorlight, CS4K G2 is powerful and simple to use, 

allowing for media playback and control in various scenarios such as stage performance, smart city, and meetings.

UHD Display, Impeccable Image.

Supports smooth playback of 4K (4096×2160) video source.

Flexible Interaction, Innovative Experience.

Auto screen connection enables effortless playback of media contents; 

Supports playing multiple windows on one screen; Allows for simple and flexible media playback and control.

Full Support for Common Media Types.

A wide range of media can be played without transcoding, such as audio and video, picture, PPT, text, web page, etc.

App Control, Real-Time Display Monitoring.

The new GrandShow CE APP supports real-time monitoring of media playback, media import, program editing, and playback control. 

Easy operation across all your devices, ideal for various scenarios such as digital exhibition, multimedia exhibition hall, etc.

Incorporate HDMI Input Port.

Capable of decoding 4K@60Hz input, without the need for an additional capture card.

3+1 Output, Expand Your View at Will.

4×HDMI output ports, with 1 for the primary screen and 3 for extended screens.

Capture Video from Website.

Supports capturing network video streams with high bitrate and low latency like Full NDI® and RTSP, 

allowing for real-time media playback.

HDR Display.

Wide color gamut, high dynamic range and high contrast. 

Delicate image with richer colors reveals the world in its vividness.

Various Effects, Wonderful Experience.

Provides multiple effects for media playback, satisfying various demands in different scenarios.

4.3-Inch LCD Touch Panel.
The multifunction touch panel allows for quick operations, such as scanning for connection, projects switching, status monitoring, and volume/brightness adjustment.

Flexible External Control.

You can use tablet, mobile phone, wireless presenter, or a central control device to realize media playback, scenes switching, color/volume adjustment, and more.