4K Input, Multiple Interfaces for Various Input.

HDMI 2.0 port for 4K input plus 4 other ports: HDMI1.4×1, DVI×2, 3G-SDI×1, Fiber×1.

3 ports support signal LOOP out: HDMI1.4×1, DVI×1, 3G-SDI×1.

Impressive Performance, Exceptional Load Capacity.

6.55 million pixels output load capacity, supported by 10×1G Ethernet ports or 2×10G fiber ports.

Impeccable Image, Remarkable Performance.

HDR display, wide color gamut, and high contrast, delivering an image display with richer colors and delicate details.

Ultra-High Frame Rate, Smooth and Delicate.

Wide range of frame rate compatibility (23.976~240Hz),

Ensuring accurate color display while maintaining smoothness for fast-motion video.

Zero Frame Latency, Perfect Synchronization.

A minimum of zero frame latency for video signal input and output via the sending card, 

Realizing perfect synchronization for stunning image display.

Auto-adaptive, Flexible and Versatile.

Adaptive input and output through optical fiber, allowing for long distance signal transmission.

Input Hot Backup, Auto Switching.

Backup between signal sources of the same type and resolution; 

Realizing seamless switching in case of signal loss, thus ensuring stable and uninterrupted display.

Screen Configuration with U-Disk, Efficient and Effortless.

Import cabinet parameters with U-Disk. 

Store up to 16 sets of parameters, enabling quick LED display configuration without the need for any software.

Fade In and Fade Out, Smooth and Natural Transitions.

Gradual fading presents smooth and natural transitions during signal switching, creating more eye-pleasing visual experience.

Overlapping Layers Display, Feathering for Smooth Edges.

Adjustable opacity for overlapping layers, realizing the effect of layer edge feathering and layer blending.

Easy Management Through Web Control.

Web control over an IP connection established through Ethernet port, without the need for installing client software. 

Compatible with various operating systems, thus applicable to more scenarios.

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