Full 4K Input. 4K Load capacity.

Full 4K inputs, HDMI2.0+DP1.2+12G-SDI.

5G transmission.

Up to 8.8 million pixels load capacity, with maximum 16384 pixels in width and 8192 pixels in height.

At 10bit color depth, load capacity isn’t reduced by half. 

A single network cable can carry 2.8 million pixels. The load capacity is greatly improved.

Ultra-long distance. Stable transmission.

With 3× 10G optical output, you can enjoy ultra-long-distance transmission with Colorlight professional optical transceiver H10Fix-5G.

Free cropping. Broadcasting-level scaling.

Arbitrary picture layout. Broadcasting-level scaling.

Low Latency. Ultra-smooth synchronized display.

Minimum 1 frame delay delivers incredibly seamless and smooth source synchronization, ensuring high-quality playback.

Extensive control methods.

LAN / USB / RS232 control.