Sharing Value Through Product Launch Event in Turkey to Accelerate Global Services


On May 25, Colorlight product launch event was successfully held in Istanbul, Turkey. The event focused on sharing insights on industry and technological hot topics such as urban cloud construction, display applications, and the commercial market. It aimed to assist local Turkish display companies in their smart transformation and to continue spreading Colorlight innovations globally.


Turkey boasts a rich history and cultural heritage with spanning both Europe and Asia. From the ancient city of Istanbul to the mysterious Cappadocia, its unique geographical location has charmed global attention. The successful launch of Colorlight product launch event in overseas market signifies Colorlight ongoing resource investment and industry collaboration in Turkey.


Driving Product Strength and Supporting Product Upgrades

During the event, Colorlight showcased a variety of product solutions, including the A series, X series, and VX series. These solutions focused on smart cities, commercial leasing, and display control, establishing an interactive network centered around smart display. In the highly anticipated cloud networking field, Colorlight introduced new products like the A500 and A800. These products not only achieved comprehensive performance improvements of the player and cloud service platform, but also fully demonstrated the immense value and potential of Colorlight cloud solutions.


In addition, the X series and VX series products are also designed with powerful performance and rich features to fully meet the diverse business needs of the current leasing and commercial markets. These products offer easy device operation, flexible screen control, and superior color display effects, providing ideal display solutions for various application scenarios.


Building a "Friends Circle" and Enhancing Experience

The significant Colorlight product launch event lies in establishing closer connections with partners worldwide. Through the event, clients could closely observe and understand the practical application of Colorlight technical solutions and their far-reaching value to the industry.



Colorlight team engaged in enthusiastic exchanges with partners. The lottery and tea break sessions further elevated the whole atmosphere to ignite the enthusiasm of all participants. In this lively and vibrant environment, Colorlight and its partners moved forward hand in hand, inspiring unlimited cooperation potential and hope.



Meantime, clients had the opportunity to deeply engage in product experiences, directly feeling the convenience and efficiency brought by the products. This intuitive, clear, and efficient communication method not only promoted clients' in-depth understanding of the products but also help to built relationships and foster more possibilities for future collaborations.