Colorlight Enhances Professional Training with CCE Training Event in Sydney and Empowers Industry Growth


While deeply cultivating technological development, Colorlight also keeps a close eye on the industry's growth trends for building a more convenient channel for professional training and authoritative certification by focusing on the reuse of professional technology and refinement of industry experience. Recently, the CCE (Colorlight Certified Engineer) event in Sydney, Australia has successfully deepened local customers' understanding of Colorlight products and promoted the high-quality development of the local display control industry.

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CCE, also known as Colorlight Certified Engineer, offers a unique opportunity to engage with LED experts. The event features experienced technical engineers and advanced product managers from Colorlight as the main speakers, having trained and communicated with over 1000+ attendees worldwide.


The course covers product introductions, in-depth product explanations, solution configurations, and practical operations. You will get a better understanding of Colorlight's products and control system, along with a comprehensive overview of system configuration schemes demonstrated through various practical scenarios such as XR, glasses-free 3D Solution, immersive LED display control, Mini & Micro LED, COB,  creative display, and etc.


Unlike traditional training methods, Colorlight incorporates project experience into teaching, making the training more closely aligned with actual work scenarios. This approach uses more understandable content to help students break through display control technology barriers, enhance problem-solving abilities, and supply talents that meet the industry's development needs.


To enhance teaching quality, the Australian CCE event deeply strengthened interaction efficiency between mentors and trainees through two-way Q&A sessions, passionate and flexible group competitions, and others. From popularizing knowledge of the industry's development background to discussing technical principles and existing trends, people had active ideological collisions and meaningful discussions. The lively training atmosphere activated their initiative, and ensured participants not only learn technical knowledge but also have an enjoyable, helpful, and rewarding course experience. 



Colorlight's CCE training is committed to fostering collaborative discussions and shared growth with global clients. The instructor team supports multilingual and all-encompassing training, reaching deep into user communities and tailoring sessions for different types of customers, solutions, and scales. Conducting thousands of training sessions worldwide every year, Colorlight ensures each interaction is meaningful, and guarantees every participant leaves with a wealth of knowledge. Colorlight eagerly anticipates facing challenges and fostering development together with global clients in the future, effectively facilitating communication and growth for industry professionals.


Some feedbacks from CCE's trainees:

  • Matt: I'm really happy to participate in the Colorlight CCE training. The instructors have been incredibly patient and offer deep insights into professional matters.

  • Sean: Today was fantastic! Teaming up with Colorlight isn't just about getting top-notch products; it's also about tapping into their professional services.

  • Filip:The instructor has a wealth of knowledge in LED technology. Big thanks to them for guiding us! I'm enjoying this learning process a lot.