Colorlight Breaks the Boundaries of Display Technology, Pioneering the Spherical Screen Trend


The LED spherical screens, characterized by immersive visual experience, has significantly enhanced viewing quality for audiences. Whether displaying the vastness of space, the tranquility of the seabed, or a 3D natural world, the immersive experience offered by spherical screens far surpasses that of conventional giant screens, immersing viewers in a rich and diverse visual world. However, challenges such as high costs for customized playback content and severe deformation of normal images have hindered the development of LED spherical screens.

In response to the unique display demands of spherical screens, Colorlight has undertaken extensive technological innovations, culminating in the launch of LED Spherical Screen Control Solution, driving the integration of display technology with panoramic video content and promoting the market application of LED spherical screens.


Reshape the Art of Light and Shadow


Structurally, spherical screens can be spliced together from modules of different shapes, such as "watermelon rind" shape, hexahedron shape. To ensure perfect display effects across various types of spherical screens, high requirements are placed on LED control playback and control systems.


Based on CS series multimedia servers, Colorlight utilizes GrandShow software in conjunction with LED heterogeneous display technology, leveraging powerful image processing capabilities to achieve seamless adaptation of standard panoramic videos, enabling multi-angle transformations, smooth image displays, and stable playback processes.


Moreover, GrandShow software supports various types of panoramic playback content including hexahedron, 2:1 VR, etc., allowing for the restoration of panoramic effects on different types of spherical screens without the need for conversion. This significantly enhances content versatility, reduces image production costs, and provides more competitive solutions while ensuring an immersive experience of spherical screens.


Establish Global Cultural Landmark


At the ISLE 2024 Exhibition in Shenzhen, Colorlight showcased intelligent LED spherical screen solutions, attracting customers' attention with immersive displays created by semi-spherical screens. 

Additionally, Colorlight assisted in providing the control system of the LED giant spherical screen with Guinness World Records in Saudi Arabia and the "Eye of Kuwait," an elliptical spherical LED screen at one of the largest shopping malls - Avenues Mall in the Middle East. They have become the renowned cultural and tourism landmarks, bringing panoramic visual shocks to global users.



Currently, spherical screens are increasingly applied in cultural and tourism fields such as planetariums, museums, and theme parks. With the advancement of Colorlight's image display technology, it has pioneered the application of spherical screens and will continue to provide users with even more ultimate visual experiences.