Spring Festival Gala·Colorlight presented a magnificent visual feast of the Spring Festival Gala

Spring Festival Gala 2022

8K ultra HD live streaming and giant dome screen,

Glasses-free 3D presentation and XR visual technology,


Colorlight provides the stage for this innovative technology with

about 8,000 receiving cards

300 + professional controllers,

creating an immersive and visually stunning experience.



Spring Festival Gala 2021

It was not only an art event,

but also a technology event.

Colorlight, as always,

has provided creative support and technology

with more than 6,000 receiving cards

and over 300 sets professional controllers,

adding color to this “spiritual feast” on the eve of Chinese Spring Festival



Spring Festival Gala 2020

At the Beijing main venue, Zhengzhou branch venue and Guangdong-Hong

Kong-Macau Greater Bay branch venue,

a total of 50,000 Colorlight innovative receiving cards

and 1,000 sets of Colorlight innovative controllers

 were used for stereo display and multiple backups

to present a fabulous 5G+8K Spring Festival Gala!

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