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United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity

The 15th Conference of the Parties (COP15) of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity was held in Kunming, China in late October 2021. The conference aimed to advance the construction of a global ecological civilization and promote the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

On the large LED screen of more than 500m2, the national leaders attending the Convention delivered their keynote speeches via video. The screen was supported by 8 sets of X20 super 4K professional controllers  and about 1,500 receiving cards running in dual-system backup mode (4 main and 4 backup units) to ensure stable display. 

Global Forum on Economic Development and Security, Boao Forum for Asia 

In late October 2021, the first conference of Global Forum on Economic Development and Security (GEDS), Boao Forum for Asia was held in Changsha, China as scheduled. With the theme of economic security and sustainable development in a world of great change, the forum focused on how to create a secure and stable external environment for sustainable development in Asia and the world. 

The forum screen of about 400m2 was equipped with 8 sets of Colorlight X20 super 4K professional master controllers. Each set device can carry maximum 13 million pixels, and support 2K video signal input of HDMI1.4 and DVI interfaces, realizing seamless switching between multipath signals to offer flexible screen control and high definition image presentation to ensure the forum running smoothly. 

World Artificial Intelligence Conference

Themed "Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities", the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 themed with Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities was commenced in Shanghai. New technologies, products, applications and concepts of AI were launched at the conference, with more than 300 exhibitors jointly demonstrating their latest AI technological innovation and industrial application.

Colorlight provided X16 professional controller for the conference. With powerful video signal reception, splicing and processing capabilities, X16 can receive 4K digital signals up to 4096×2160 pixels maximally. Each set device is designed with 16 gigabit network output ports to support up to 7 screens, which is widely used in high-end rental display screens with fine pitch LED screens.

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