Asian Culture Carnival·Showcased the blossoming “Flower of Civilization”

The grand opening of the Asian Culture Carnival 2019 kicked off at the Birds Nest, Beijing on May 15, 20:00. This event was organized by the Preparatory Committee composed of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, under the support and attendance of the UNESCO and other international organizations. More than 2,000 people, including leaders and government officials from many Asian countries, heads of relevant international organizations, and Chinese and international culture representatives, attended the opening ceremony.

As the largest LED stage show in the world, Asian Cultural Carnival featured more than 10,000m2 LED screens, with huge LED matrices placed behind and on both sides of the stage to create a rolling waves and blossoming petals visual effect. The dazzling colors and stable picture effects presented a creative and splendid audio-visual feast for hundreds of millions of viewers.

This event was supported by 80 sets of Colorlight 4K professional master controller equipment X16 and 150 sets of classic transmitting equipment S4 under the active/standby mode to ensure fabulous pictures!

At the event, Colorlight supports various screens solutions included the giant stage screen, elevating facade screens, flower petal screens. The combination of these screens presented a wonderful Asian cultural feast. Civilizations are like water, quietly nurturing everything, while Asian civilizations are built consensus through dialogues and exchanges. Taking advantage of our strength, Colorlight painted a picture of Asian civilizations that co-exist in harmony at the event.