Colorlight Forges Partnership with LED Studio to Extend Its Support across the UK and Beyond


Colorlight takes great pleasure in announcing a strategic partnership with LED Studio to better supply the UK customers, enhancing our position as a leading provider of video processors and LED control systems.

Having kept a wide range of stock including synchronous and asynchronous processors tailored for 1080p and 4K displays in the UK and Europe, LED Studio ensures broad accessibility for customers. Colorlight will host two-day courses every quarter about the hardware and software solutions and hands-on technical training at the UK Colorlight Training Centre in Swindon, LED Studio's HQ.

LED Studio, a UK-based display solutions provider with cutting-edge innovations, continuously delivers unparalleled products and services to clients. With the partnership with LED Studio, Colorlight looks forward to providing more innovative solutions for our customers' more complex and challenging applications.

"Our decision to partner with LED Studio stems from our long-standing relationship, characterised by mutual growth and trust. With first-class support from our preferred partner, we are poised to deliver unparalleled results and service to our clients. The speed at which LED Studio releases new products underscores its commitment to innovation. Its rigorous R&D process is centred around real-world use cases and problem-solving, resulting in displays with unmatched functionality and reliability.” said Gary Tong, Colorlight's key account manager. 

Rob Bint, CEO of LED Studio, stated, “Colorlight is at the forefront of innovation and has built a solid reputation for designing and delivering high-end, reliable products. Through its R&D capabilities, the company is highly responsive to the emerging needs of the market, and quickly delivers new solutions that continue to elevate visual experiences.”


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More information about this partnership can be found on:,displays%2C%20including%20the%20Z8t%20controller