Update on Colorlight Award Collection in 2023


Looking back over the past year, Colorlight showcased boundless vitality and innovation at various industry events, earning numerous accolades both domestically and internationally. These honors not only recognize Colorlight's abilities but also affirm its leading position in the field of LED display control.


Champion Enterprise in Manufacturing Single-Category

For meeting customer demands through technological innovation and high-quality products, Colorlight proudly earned the title of "Champion Enterprise in Manufacturing Single-Category" in Guangdong, China. The esteemed award is usually given to companies that focus on specific segments or specific leading technology in the manufacturing industry, showcasing its international leadership in production technology or process. Moreover, these enterprises are required to process a significant market share either globally or domestically for symbolizing their exceptional development ability and market strength in the global manufacturing sector. 

SLDA 2023 -- Outstanding Co-edit Group&Top 25 Enterprises in China's LED Industry Display Supply Chain

In the SLDA 2023 (Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association) Annual Meeting held on December 15th in Shenzhen, China, Colorlight received two prestigious awards, "Outstanding Participating Group" and the "Top 25 Enterprises in China's LED Industry Display Supply Chain for 2022," based on its reliable technical performance, vibrant market participation, and stable development path. This recognition at the SLDA Annual Meeting reflected Colorlight's outstanding brand strength and managed to earn high praise within the industry.

LDI 2023 -- 2023 Best Debuting Product Video/Projection

Colorlight's Z8t Super Processor was honored with the "Best Debuting Product Video/Projection" for the year. This achievement emphasizes Colorlight's proactive expansion on the overseas market and continuous innovation of LED control system. The Z8t, an advanced 4K image processing controller, stands as one of Colorlight's flagship LED video processors, delivering ultra high-definition quality and precise imaging. It is designed with modularity in mind and supports various input cards including the cutting-edge broadcasting level IP raw media transmission ST2110. This significant breakthrough marks a meaningful moment on the international stage for Colorlight’s technical strength and its continuous endeavors.

Gaogong LED Golden Globe 2023 -- Elite Enterprise Award 

On December 8th, at the 2023 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Colorlight was awarded the "Elite Enterprise Award" for its strong independent R&D capabilities, innovative achievements, and extensive solutions. With over 130 patents and product certifications, Colorlight's comprehensive and diverse solutions manage to satisfy global clients and have been positioned as a deserving recipient of this exclusive award.

Huicong LED Display Brand Event 2023 -- Best Investment Brand 

Colorlight secured the title of "Best Investment Brand" for the second consecutive year at the 2023 Annual LED Display Brand Event organized by Huicong LED Display Network. This successive acknowledgment attests to Colorlight's core technical strength, product innovation, and the potential of its market penetration.

China Intellectual Property Administration -- 2023 Advantageous Enterprise of National Intellectual Property

Recently, the National Intellectual Property Administration announced the list of "2023 National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprises", and Colorlight was honored with this recognition, marking a pinnacle achievement in intellectual property management. This prestigious title is a testament to Colorlight's leading R&D innovation and comprehensive intellectual property management system. In addition, Colorlight has also awarded with various accolades such as "National High-tech Enterprise," "National Information Security Level Protection Third-level Certification," "Guangdong Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise," and "Guangdong Specialized and Innovative Enterprise", and etc. 


As a high-tech enterprise specializing in digital image recognition and machine vision, Colorlight has been infused with a culture of “technological innovation” since its inception. Through continuous innovation in video processing algorithms, signal transmission, and hardware performance, Colorlight has pioneered cutting-edge technologies such as bit extension, sub-pixel enhancement, zero latency, nanosecond-level synchronization, and biologically perceptible video display.


Under the flourishing development of LED control technology, Colorlight keeps exploring new scenarios and markets for its related applications. Meanwhile, Colorlight also remains committed to adapting to market developments, driving innovation, and accelerating industry deployment.