ISE2023 | Colorlight's Newest Products for UHD Display are Well Received


ISE 2023, the greatest global AV exposition feast, in Barcelona on 31 January. Bringing its latest products and technologies, Colorlight attended this top event.

As the pioneer in video and image processing, Colorlight is committed to meeting emerging requirements of the UHD video industry through constant technological innovations and convergence. 5G+8K, 16K Media Server, XR Virtual Production, ColorAdept Platform, and various technologies such as low latency, Infi-Bit, and High Frame Rate, Colorlight empowers customers' global projects with comprehensive solutions for UHD video applications.

"Technology Blooms Immersive Visual Experience"

01. ColorAdept

ColorAdept, a brand-new platform, features an intuitive user interface, a clear control process, and the mighty color management function. Cooperate with the Colorlight Super Processor Z8t or Z8i, bringing users an intelligent, friendly, and efficient operating experience. Moreover, it possesses the technologies of Grayscale Refinement, Infi-bit, Ultra-low Latency, Dynamic Frame Rate, etc., significantly improving the display effect.

02. 5G+8K 

Technology upgrading continues to accelerate the development of the UHD industry. Colorlight advanced 5G transmission is five times higher than the traditional Gigabit Ethernet port, which improves the efficiency and stability of data transmission. With the 8K UHD display and control system, it not only offers higher resolution but also brings a comprehensive improvement in image quality and user experience. It allows us to provide creative solutions for UHD videos in the field of filming and television .

03. XR

In response to the rising focus on Cloud services and UHD video in cultural, educational, and recreational activities, Colorlight offers a full suite of custom solutions for XR production. With the powerful technical support of specialized software, hardware, and enhanced depth perception, images can be rendered much richer in detail, creating stunning and realistic visual effects. In addition, the limitless possibilities of extending real space with XR are bound to drive a new level of viewer experiences through UHD video and Cloud services.

04. Ultra-high resolution display

The increasing popularity of small pixel pitch technology gives rise to higher display resolution, generating huge demand for 4K, 8K, and ultra-high resolution displays. To keep in line with market demands, Colorlight offers a reliable full-link solution for ultra-high-resolution display.

At the exhibition, our solution achieves a fantastic visual experience for customers. CS16K Media Server and X100 Pro Video Splicer can fulfill smooth pixel-to-pixel display on a 16Kx4K screen. The unique GrandShow Sync technology also ensures that dozens of media servers can output ultra-high resolution videos with inaccurate frame sync, presenting brilliant and creative ideas.

05. ColorlightCloud

Colorlight’s centralized network solution provides professional cloud services featuring hardware and software integration to realize display management via mobile devices. This solution adds value to commercial display and empowers the development of the smart city.

"Lively scene at Colorlight’s booth"

"Colorlight is Gaining Momentum"

Based on industry-leading video processing technologies, Colorlight has focused on technical R&D since its establishment and continues to expand its product matrix to offer higher-value products and solutions for the industry.

Following global technological and industrial development trends, Colorlight aims to persistently broaden and deepen research and development to make more achievements. With 5G+8K+AI as the guide, we insist on independent innovation to lead technological improvement, expanding the global market. We're committed to becoming a high-tech enterprise with global impact in video image display and control.