Colorlight and Glasses-Free 3D—Empowering Cultural Tourism


The rapid development of display technology allows tourism resources, cultural images, and historical connotations to be rediscovered and reinterpreted on the Internet. The street glasses-free 3D, creating unique city landmarks, leads the high-quality development of cultural tourism.

Street glasses-free 3D helps build the technology city of the future

Colorful Global City, New Landmark of Guangxi, Hezhou

Stunning and realistic visual experience brings you to the Cyberpunk Street

160m²Ultra-large outdoor screen with Colorlight X100

Ultra-large load capacity, simplify ultra-high resolution 3D display

Enjoy the landscape in holiday resort with 3D display

“Good Dream Forest Water” holiday resort in Baoding

Glasses-free 3D large screen helps upgrade the scenic spot and attract more tourists

Visualized operation supporting preview and monitoring

Accurate frame sync among media servers

Ultra-high resolution videos, pixel-to-pixel display

Dual backup ensures display stability

New trend of IP image with 3D display 

Xi'an Sunlong Plaza JD Mall outdoor glasses-free 3D

Dynamic high frame rate and compatibility with common media types present eye-catching visual effects of 3D cartoon images

The glasses-free 3D provides stunning visual effects and helps build the city's cultural landmarks. It is inseparable from the development of display technology.

Colorlight, with its advanced technologies, provides complete solutions and product services for various display scenarios. In the future, it will also keep pace with the times, seize new opportunities in the cultural tourism industry, and make more achievements.