Colorlight Leveled Up Smart Spaces for Digital Exhibition


Recently, the digital experience hall with Colorlight’s complete solutions has officially opened to the public. Nearly 1,000 square meters of exhibition space left a deep impression on the viewers.

As an important platform to increase a company’s visibility and to showcase its expert solutions, a successful exhibition not only establishes new standards for the company, but also leads it in the direction of intellectualization, modernization and technological developments.

Smart exhibition hall with highly interactive environments

The exhibition hall consisted of four separate spaces, displaying more than forty large LED and LCD screens of all shapes. The equipment that Colorlight provided includes:

· 8K media server ×4

· 4K professional processor ×11

· Around 800 receiver cards

The package solution of software and hardware integration used for the experience hall fully demonstrates the enterprise customer’s combined strengths of its cultural image, innovation capacities, prospects for the future and so on.

· Photo of on-site devices

The large screen was immediately lit up as soon as visitors came into the tunnel, displaying the company’s development course over the past decade.

The interactive touch screen in the hall equally showed the charisma and talent of hundreds of its staff.

Naked-eye 3D - Immersed at a glance

In the curved immersive experience zone for naked-eye 3D LED display built by Colorlight CS20-8K Pro, visitors couldn’t help but smile when they saw a cartoon guide.

In the middle of the showroom was a customized hemispherical screen specifically intended for the exhibition. This display had a resolution of 3080 x 782 pixels and was controlled by Colorlight 4K professional processor X16E. High-tech and charming, the hemisphere served as the perfect contrast to the star ceiling.

Various playback functions, free slicing of video content

Controlled by Colorlight professional software, the tree-shaped LED screen displayed the awards and honors received by enterprise customer over the years. The tech tree represented the vigorous vitality of the enterprise by showing its numerous achievements.

From LED screens in all shapes, LCD screens, sliding track screens, and all-in-one LED screens, to the integrated control of audio/video playback and of multiple devices in the hall, Colorlight provided a full range of digital solutions to smart exhibitions, conveying the enterprise’s ideas about the exhibition, the development planning and its future full of technological potential.

Colorlight provided a comprehensive digital solution for smart exhibitions.

In the age of rapid development of science and technology, digital exhibitions allow for thinking outside the box with leading-edge technologies. Through a combination of digital means and artistic expressions, the exhibition spotlighted the technical competence and overall capabilities of the enterprise.

In the future, Colorlight will continue to forge ahead in the industry and respond actively to development challenges, continuously helping advance the digitalization process of all sectors.