First XR integrated studio in Shenzhen established


Colorlight's XR integrated studio  Brilliant way to explore the world

The worldwide popularity of the metaverse accelerates the transformation of traditional media, and thus XR virtual shooting technology emerges rapidly. It merges the physical and virtual worlds to reshape people's imagination of space. XR technology has been applied in various fields such as film shooting, advertising production, product release, live-streaming, wedding photography, theme parks, radio and TV centers, and laboratories. 

As an industry pioneer, Colorlight, together with MetaBorder, co-established the first XR integrated studio at China South City in Longgang district, Shenzhen, presenting a whole-process XR virtual production solution to customers from all walks of life.

The integrated studio comprises  150m2 large XR studio,  30m2 XR showroom with small pixel pitch display and  130m2 shadowless studio.

Various professional image processing software.

Virtual rendering system.

Customizable contents.

Genlock generator.

Cinema-grade camera.

Ultra-precision camera tracking system.

Professional motion capture system.

Supplementary lighting system, and more.

Professional virtual production equipment.

Multiple sets of customizable digital assets.

Live experience, instant shooting and display.

Scan the QR code to watch online.

Swift video downloading and sharing to social platforms.

Enjoy the virtual world in real time.

Colorlight's XR integrated studio offers a customizable, full-link XR production solution. With true-to-life virtual production and brand-new intelligent interaction technology, it can be widely used in film shooting, advertising production life-streaming and other fields.

XR integrated studio will emerge rapidly across the country and will continue to develop at a faster pace with the huge application demand, generating more excellent works. Thanks to the strong R&D capability and brand influence, Colorlight provides full-link solutions to drive the popularization and application of XR technology.

Going forward, Colorlight will keep on exploring the market trend to present more high-quality solutions with innovative image processing technology, leading the development of the visual industry.