Colorlight's new products debut at InfoComm 2019

As an LED control system company, Colorlight is back at the 2019 American International Audio/Visual Exhibition (InfoComm 2019) with a series of technologies and new products. For working on multiple displays, (such as command-and-control centers, intelligent displays, education, boardrooms, entertainment, and many more), Colorlight presents the most cutting-edge product development to the globe.

  1. Z6 PRO    High-end occasion rental and small pitch display solution  

The Z6-Pro, driving up to 16 displays, offers a live display solution which is on trend with the current multi-window display market. In terms of design, the Z6-Pro boasts an upgraded output network port, 

and introduces four 10G fiber outputs which eliminate the need for bundles of network cables running long distances.

Additionally, the Z6-Pro presents a truly “real-time” display with ultra-low latency. With a maximum load capacity of 8.8 million pixels, it can achieve a true 4K image picture, 

with resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60Hz inputs. With 10 bit outputs, and support for 3D/VR/AR/ and HDR picture, the Z6-Pro can provide the framework for an artistic and gorgeous visual show.

  2. CM8    The first LED TV and presentation solution  

The advent of the CM8 created more possibilities for LED TV displays. Built on the Android 9.0 platform, the CM8 is able to install (or uninstall) your favorite Android visual apps with one click, effectively bringing the intelligence of a smart TV, and coupling it with the power and beauty of an LED display.

The smooth Android operating system brings a new audio-visual experience to consumers, making the CM8 the best choice for a professional, broadcast quality LED TV display solution.

  3. Super controller---Z6    HDR display solution  

 HDR (or High Dynamic Range) had become a cornerstone of high-end display occasions. When building high-end, “visual experience”, projects (television stations, 

3D simulation projects, HDR displays and other technically challenging projects), it is imperative to have a powerful processor, like the Z6.

The Z6 supports 4K input, up to 4096x2160@60Hz, and has 16 Gigabit Ethernet output ports. This lets the Z6 achieve a high-quality HDR color effect to perfect effect. 

The outstanding performance of the Z6 has become the heart and soul of our high-end LED control system products. 

  4. C-series cloud networking service    Handy life with Cloud service  

 Colorlight’s free cloud based cluster management service was the first of it’s kind launched in the industry. Free service is a principle of consistent implementation. 

Using the ColorlightCloud’s powerful cloud network, it connects to the C-Series players through Colorlight’s own software LEDVISION or iSet. During its first few years, 

it has helped countless customers in the commercial, and intelligent display fields to achieve a higher commercial value.

  5. Our ambition and professtion    

Z series, CM8 and C series, as well as all the other Colorlight products, complete a comprehensive variety of systems to fulfill different needs of almost any user. 

We have worked tirelessly to create a platform of user-friendly, control systems for customers who need networked and intelligent screens, and image processing. 

These products show not only our passion for overcoming technical difficulties, but the ambition of the Colorlight R&D team. 


    Visual Future, the future of vision!