Colorlight New Products Exhibited at InfoComm 2022

On June 8, Pacific Time,

At InfoComm2022, a global professional audio-visual feast, 

kicked off at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Colorlight brought its latest solutions and high technologies to North America 

to seek partnerships with the world’s top brands in the audiovisual industry.


A new horizon with a spectacular appearance

Focusing on the hot display requirements,

Colorlight presented complete innovative solutions.

Guided by the development idea of “Stability, Simplicity and Ease of Use”,

our high standard visual effects 

Colorlight won the favor of many overseas customers.

  A stream of visitors stopped and made inquiries about the products.


5 highlights to showcase ultimate visual effects


Finer frames

Through multiple high-end display technologies of Colorlight,

including gray refinement, Infi-Bit,

low latency and high dynamic frame rate,

 image details are fully retained

to present finer and more vivid display effects

as well as more refined and breathtaking visual effects. 


More fabulous colors

Color is an important element of picture expression.

Colorlight spares no effort in color treatment.

Such color treatment techniques as 

3D-LUT, color cube, color curve and Shuttersync

present a more exciting sense of immediacy

and perfectly showcase the gorgeous colors. 


Professional visual processing management platform

The newly released Colorlight ColorAdept

offers visual operations 

from source input to screen output

and supports comprehensive system status monitoring,

professional color mixing and screen body management.

The built-in simplified mode guarantees ease of use for the customers. 



Accurate pixel presentation

The excellent performance frequently attracted the attention of onsite customers.

The correction system has an ultra-high resolution of 60 million pixels. 

It can complete brightness correction of 4K large screens in 15 minutes 

and chrominance correction of 4K large screens in 30 minutes, 

thus significantly improving the visual effects of COB/Mini/Micro LED screens.



New display realm with 5G +8K

5G+8K is not only a simple superposition of technologies, 

but also a reflection of the birth of new scenes and the upgrading of new technologies.

Colorlight can offer 8K master control equipment,

which can control 8K screens.

The 5G network port transmission technology

brings a single-path port load 5 times that of the ordinary system,

which reduces the number of network cables on-site

and provides a more simplified and stable system architecture for users.

Move forward and move every customer with wholehearted service

Based on core technologies,

market and customer orientation

and commitment to providing professional high-value one-stop solutions,

Colorlight has been meeting the application needs of customers in the new era.

XR Virtual Shooting Solution 

COB/Mini /Micro LED display correction system solution

More amazing offers to come

This is a grand event about technology and future.

Colorlight will always

rely on systematic solutions and high quality services

to write new chapters of the industry in the future.




Persist through the long way ahead

Colorlight will continue to invest in innovation,

optimize our portfolio of products and services

and deliver more splendid visual effects.